Week 18: Time. June 6, 2016

When we had the misioneros viajeros, one thing they always emphasized was our limited time on the mission to work. This week we have really started to see that. We arrived in Las Flores on Monday, and were able to work a little bit on Monday and Tuesday, but we had to do a bunch of P-Day stuff. Then on Wednesday we left after studies and lunch to go to Adrogué, becuase on Thursday Elder Gonzales had a training for District Leaders, and during that time I went on splits. It actually ended up being me, Elder Styles, and Elder Beard. All of us gringos arrived together, and for some reason us 3 out of all 6 of us (the other 3 being native speakers) went to lunch with a member and less active. But we did alright! It was cool to spend some time with those guys and see how far we´ve all come.

Then on Friday we had Trámites, which is Visa stuff, I ended up not doing anything except being other missionaries companion but it was fun! Except me and Elder Gonzales got split up, and him and a different missionary decided to go to the other missionaries first area for fun. I was able to spend some time with Elder Derbez and his companion though! But instead of going back to Las Flores after Trámites, we had to wait for Elder Gonzales to get back. He also left his backpack in a remis (taxi) ,so we spent a couple hours getting that back, and ended up sleeping in Cañuelas and coming back Saturday morning. We barely missed the bus on Saturday morning so we had to pay 600 pesos to come back to Las Flores in a remis haha. The other option would be wait for 3 hours.

Today we had grilled cheese sandwhiches, tomato soup, and ´Gibson Potatoes´ ,cuz I wanted Elder Gonzales to get a little taste of America, but we have to go to Cañuelas in a few hours to attend a training thing for District Leaders early in the morning tomorrow in Buenos Aires haha. I hope we will have enough money to pay for rent.

On Sunday we had an amazing sacrament meeting. Our congregation of 24 members and investigators was crying after the Branch President bore his testimony for a second time. He´s the best, definintely a general authority some day, he bore his testimony after me and talked about the power of missionaries and how though I couldnt speak well i could express my love and invite the Spirit. He also served where my companion is from! So thats cool.

Well I love you all and am glad to recieve all your emails and hear from you, even if it takes awhile for me to respond. Im also glad to hear my sweet little cousin friend Grace has decided to take upon herself the name of her Savior! She will feel blessings for the rest of her life for what she did this last week! Same with you Paden, my big friend (theres an Aquabats reference for ya)!

Love you!

Elder Gibson