Week 21: Time Flies! June 27, 2016

We´re already nearing the end of the transfer, which is crazy! Neither of us know whats gunna happen next, cuz a couple spots for Zone Leaders are opening up, and my companion has been a DL for awhile now haha. But none of that is as crazy as the fact that our new Mission President arrives tomorrow! As soon as he steps foot in the mission hes the president, so who knows what hes gunna change! probably not much, especially out here in the boonies. Is that phrase used correctly? Who knows, chau English! (chau means goodbye here).

As you know we werent in Las Flores much this week, but we still were able to work during the weekend! Except on Sunday argentina played chile, a huge rivalry, so there wasnt alot of reception from the people, but i think they lost cuz there wasnt any partying last night. We have a couple new investigators though! One of them is the family is this teenager who used to be taught by the sister missionaries! They dont read much but theyre pretty solid and receptive and were excited! Also one of our investigators said he read a part of the BoM but we havent been able to talk about it much yet haha. Also our entire branch presidency came to church this sunday so that was good. We also are teaching this young guy who told us he likes to smoke weed once in a whileand drinks a lot but he has a lot of questions about religion and life and lost his mom young and were excited about him too.
Ethans birthday was on the 24th.
Ive been a little under the weather and have had to delve (word?) into personal money for traveling and to keep us fed at minimum lately, but were still goin! Were still laughing and still working, and we still cant count our blessings with all our dedos! (dedo is finger and dedo de pie is toe)
We found this dope animal by the lake where were planning a district activity. Apparently the meat is really good, but we have to pay to hunt them, so that sucks.
Obviously im gunna write more about my best pal Ethan! I know he usually smells decently crude, and his hair and ´beard´ are somewhat of a disgrace, but he´s an Eagle Scout! Im not. Hes awesome though, he has a successful company at 15 years of age, and he can sometimes make me laugh, and hes a good brother to winston, and a great cousin, and his heads on strait when he wants it to be, I love him, and I hope he´s gone before I get back, partly because the mission is the best and no one oughtta put it off! That just gives Satan a bigger window to slowly ruin your life! I love you Ethan, dont be stupid! Happy Birthday.
One last thought. I read Jacob 5 today, one of my favorite chapters cuz I like to analyze things and also ive had to work to keep alot of trees looking good and alive, anyway, it talks a lot about the servant (us) and the master (God). It can be intrepreted many ways, but I like to think that all of us as his servant may have to work just us and him, against seemingly unlikely chances, but in the end theres always a way to bring forth and enjoy good fruit. I invite you to read the end of that chapter and apply one thing to how you can become a better servant and reap the pages of blessings that are promised.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 20: Still Crazy! June 21,2016

So this week were able to be in Las Flores working for most of the week! I made a list of references, old investigators, new investigators, and less actives and put em all in order of where they lived and weve been going down the list trying to contact them all and contacting on the way! its a lot easier to do walking haha. I call it the Black List, and i taught my companion how to say that. Ive been teaching him English a lot, he really wants to learn.

Well the bad news is, we came to Cañuelas yesterday night and had a zone conference this morning, and we have visa crap in buenos aires in thursday so were staying here until then, cuz im sick of using personal money for all this traveling! haha. Also our President, President Thurgood from Idaho, is done! On the 28th he finishes his 3 year calling! I love him and his wife, hes probably gunna be called as a general authority, allthough he wouldnt admit it.
So the good news is we will recieve a new, excited president from Chile! were all excited to meet him and see what he changes in the mission. itll be kinda hard, but hopefully itll all calm down so we can just work for awhile haha.
Not much time but heres some long overdue pictures! I love you all!

My companion and I and our pension! Theres like 3 rooms not pictured, its huge! small water tank though. we often run out of hot water haha.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Happy Birthday Dad!

The Buenos Aires temple!
Found this argentine flag in the church!

I made banana bread!
The zone in front of the temple!

Week 19: Happy Birthday Dad! June 15, 2016

This email came on Wednesday instead of Monday. His mom was anxious to get it!! He was just very busy and had to wait.

My Dads Birthday is coming up! sometime this week or the next. Im almost certain that it is not today, and has yet to happen, so im saying it this week so i dont forget next week and so its not late. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! Who wouldve thought you actually taught me something when we lived in the same house for a while! But honestly, thanks for everything. I know you have been preparing me for where i am now for 18 years, and i couldnt be more grateful, even if i was highly ungrateful many times in the past because of my limited teenage brain capacity. Just know your son is slowly being chipped away and replaced with a servant of the Lord. I believe this is what you want, and I know its what I want, in big part, thanks to you. Keep those missionaries up there busy!

Well this weeks been interesting. We had a lot more time in Las Flores, and so we were able to go around and visit people and set lessons and teach. Without much success haha. A lot of our investigators are not progressing much, either cuz of the difficulty in getting married, or because they wont get baptized. One of our investigators who, for awhile, was more active than some of our active members, just told us theyre not going to church anymore. His girlfriend (less active), with whom he lives, is extremely angry at our Branch President. Im not worried though, this guy has a strong testimony, which is something that never goes away, even if you bury it with everything you can, and he, like all of us, is in the time of the Lord.
This Monday we went to the forest and had a Zone Activity. I had not been to a Zone Activity before because it takes all our money haha. But it was fun! Our Zone is notorious for disappointing Zone Activities, but were getting better. On Tuesday we went to the temple!!!!!! WOOO!!! I was so excited. We arrived late of course so we did initatories and sealings, and having worked in the temple i loved seeing the work being the same and still spiritually fulfilling. And of course hearing everything that i once memorized in Spanish was awesome. Afterwards we had lunch and a conference with our mission president, President Thurgood. Him and his wife are amazing people and examples to all of us missionaries. He reminded us that we make covenants in the temple, so that we can leave the temple and obey them. There are so many promised blessings from guarding and practicing temple covenants! In the temple, though our physical eyes are blind, we complete covenants with the Lord for people who may very well be with us in the very act, in every sense. I love it.
Looks like well have some more time in Las Flores until next monday, so i might have a late email again haha, but dont worry, one day we will all rejoice in heaven forever! I love you all! Go to the temple, and if you cant, start preparing! Its the best place on earth!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 18: Time. June 6, 2016

When we had the misioneros viajeros, one thing they always emphasized was our limited time on the mission to work. This week we have really started to see that. We arrived in Las Flores on Monday, and were able to work a little bit on Monday and Tuesday, but we had to do a bunch of P-Day stuff. Then on Wednesday we left after studies and lunch to go to Adrogué, becuase on Thursday Elder Gonzales had a training for District Leaders, and during that time I went on splits. It actually ended up being me, Elder Styles, and Elder Beard. All of us gringos arrived together, and for some reason us 3 out of all 6 of us (the other 3 being native speakers) went to lunch with a member and less active. But we did alright! It was cool to spend some time with those guys and see how far we´ve all come.

Then on Friday we had Trámites, which is Visa stuff, I ended up not doing anything except being other missionaries companion but it was fun! Except me and Elder Gonzales got split up, and him and a different missionary decided to go to the other missionaries first area for fun. I was able to spend some time with Elder Derbez and his companion though! But instead of going back to Las Flores after Trámites, we had to wait for Elder Gonzales to get back. He also left his backpack in a remis (taxi) ,so we spent a couple hours getting that back, and ended up sleeping in Cañuelas and coming back Saturday morning. We barely missed the bus on Saturday morning so we had to pay 600 pesos to come back to Las Flores in a remis haha. The other option would be wait for 3 hours.

Today we had grilled cheese sandwhiches, tomato soup, and ´Gibson Potatoes´ ,cuz I wanted Elder Gonzales to get a little taste of America, but we have to go to Cañuelas in a few hours to attend a training thing for District Leaders early in the morning tomorrow in Buenos Aires haha. I hope we will have enough money to pay for rent.

On Sunday we had an amazing sacrament meeting. Our congregation of 24 members and investigators was crying after the Branch President bore his testimony for a second time. He´s the best, definintely a general authority some day, he bore his testimony after me and talked about the power of missionaries and how though I couldnt speak well i could express my love and invite the Spirit. He also served where my companion is from! So thats cool.

Well I love you all and am glad to recieve all your emails and hear from you, even if it takes awhile for me to respond. Im also glad to hear my sweet little cousin friend Grace has decided to take upon herself the name of her Savior! She will feel blessings for the rest of her life for what she did this last week! Same with you Paden, my big friend (theres an Aquabats reference for ya)!

Love you!

Elder Gibson