Week 30: Banfield, Todavia. August 29, 2016

Yep, still here in Banfield! its got some super sketchy parts, but the ward is awesome and big and my companion is awesome! We work hard and eat pretty good. This week looks like its gunna be low on lunches with the members, but every tuesday we go with the same family who also washes our clothes for us. i just left a sack of dirty whatever and on sunday they gave me a bag of perfectly ironed, clean, and not smelly clothes folded and everything. best day of my life. even the socks.

so this week Elder Alan F Packer of the 1st quorom of the 70 was here and on Friday we went and had a conference with him and 2 of the other zones. it was super awesome and tiring. he taught us alot about the mission and teaching and our purpose and stuff, and he did it all in spanish which is impressive, most of those guys dont speak spanish i think. it was also cool to see some of my best elder friends here in the mission like my stepson elder bonifaz and this other chabon named mcmillan.
we took this foto on sunday with my companion, ill probably try to get a photo or two every week here of whatever i can but i dont take my camera with me everywhere here like las flores haha.
i love you all, the church is true and you should probably get with the program so you can have a solid life here and a crazy dope one after we die.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 29: Banfield. August 22, 2016

Well my time finally came to leave behind my home in Las Flores. It´s in good hands though. Actually the white kid whose there now with the Bolivian was where i am now. they just switched us. we were in the MTC together too so thats cool.

But yep i took myself to an area called Banfield 1B. Theres like 9 Banfield areas and its closer to buenos aires but not too close. im actually bordering the eastern mission. Its tiny and the water and the electricity arent the most consistent but who doesnt love not showering?
My companion is Elder Bautista de Mexico, my last companion was always told that hes from mexico. They just keep throwing me with these mexicans. All good though, we´re all buds.
A ward of like 70 active people so thats a big difference haha. That about doubles the highest i ever saw Las Flores. Im super excited, also im a normal missionary now who will get to know other missionaries and stuff instead of just be an outsider haha.
But ill miss that little branch out there in the goonies. Attached are some pictures of some of the members. one is with Brother Mario Carballo who before gave us lunch every sunday. he never got married and is super crazy and kinda has a drinking problem, but he is such a good guy. with him is a less active who i activated and he was sad to see me go but i hope he keeps assisting.
Then youve got my ward mission leader and his girlfriend, them and their kids remind me a ton of the Wilcox/Rowe family.
Then youve got the branch presidency, the two are brothers, the other is Hermano Berasain, whose nuts and him and his family remind me of my family, theyre all awesome.
Well we´ll see how this goes! I guess my companion the District Leader is in charge of him, me, and 6 sister missionaries! thisll be interesting. But it means my area is pretty safe. I love you all! Keep up the good work up there in the promised land!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 28: One of them rollercoaster weeks. August 15, 2016

Week 27: Egg Nog. August 8, 2016

Week 26: Sick. August 2, 2016

Well, after walking in the rain and the wind, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then waking in more rain and more wing, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then after waking in rain and wind yet again, and sitting in wet clothes for an hour, the cold finally got to me. It was pretty bad. From the moment we got back to the pension after the district meeting on tuesday (all the walking and sitting including this and traveling) until thursday night i was pretty dead. i finally started to take ibuprofen and it saved my life,  but a lot of this last week was spent doing nothing. i watched a couple disney movies. luckily my zone leader had bought a few here in las flores but left em here so i was able to watch em when i needed to get my mind off the pain. i think it was mostly just a migraine and my throat was super swollen and a fever. but its all good mom i survived and i didnt even go to the doctors office. they dont actually have one of those here so i wouldve gone to the ´hospital´. But were all good now!

So we were able to get out a little on friday and then normal the rest of the weekend. Our best investigator, Angel, was removed from his house and is not currently in Las Flores. We dont know whats gunna happen, but hes with his little 5 year old son so i think hes gunna be alright. His wife burnt all his clothes though. He didnt come to church sunday haha. He actually called us after I was sick cuz we hadnt seen him in so long. Hows that for an investigator? HE called US to set up an appointment haha.
Yesterday we had a Zone Activity, they bought a ton of pizzas (one each missionary) and then we played minute to win it in teams. I won both times i played but then we had to leave to come back to Las Flores so idk if my team won or not, but it was pretty fun!
A ton of pictures this week. I hope they all come through. Keep enjoying life and the summer, love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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