Week 5: On My Way Out! March 1, 2016

Well that was quick. We got our travel plans on Friday. We leave Monday morning to fly to Atlanta, then from there strait to Buenos Aires. We will land around 9:30, and we will land in my mission. I know a few elders going to BAS as well, and most of my district is on the same flight. Super excited and ready to not be ready.

Great news, with tie trades and all I found out I currently have just barely enough ties to wear a different one every day in the MTC. Super excited about that.
We had a great Sunday devotional by Stephen B Allen , who is like the head of the Missionary committee or something, he talked about Repentance. A lot of elders were kinda complaining cuz he brought up some stuff that could be taken as akward and uncomfortable to hear, but I loved his message and I think a lot of it needed to be said.
New District came in on Wednesday, we got to show em around that night. They’re advanced and theyre all awesome. 2 elders and 3 sisters. The elders are in a different building though which is sad because we dont have the opportunity to get to know em as well. It also doesnt make sense cuz there’s like one other zone on our entire floor. Might be closing down our building, Dan Jones/15M, for the empty part of the year.
I love being the Zone Leader because I can see and feel the Lord working through me and blessing me to know who to assign and how to handle interviews and other things. It’s great and a huge testimony builder, and of course great preparation for the field.
I love you all and I love any communication, especially DEAR ELDERS. Favorite thing besides packages haha. Miss you guys, everyone give Winston a high five and knucks for me! And bretheren and father, help my mom! Help her clean or cook or take care of the small baby or whatever it may be! She’s the best.
Us and the new District.
The Zone as it is.
Our TRC ‘investigator’ Jose whose from Guatemala and is super awesome. We got to know him really well and see him around a lot. We didnt know it would be our last lesson but he was afraid of the idea of “Enduring to the End’ because we talked about baptism and because of what he had seen happen in other peoples lives after baptism. I was able to share my favorite scripture Helaman 5:12 and it was super good and emotional, for him especially.

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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Week 4: Consistently Crazy, February 23, 2016

Well after the Trio left to Spain we thought it’d calm down here in the ol MTC, but it didnt. We got a new Elder who was here for 5 1/2 weeks and then went home for mental health reasons for 10 months but he’s back out and he’s on our schedule now! He will serve in the Boston Spanish Speaking mission. He’s a little crazy but we love him and like him.

And then another district in our zone left, who we were pretty close with. Did a couple big ‘ol Tie Swaps, me being the head player in all of it with my 40+ ties, no big deal, but it was all good. So yeah they left, it was a companionship of sisters, and two companionships of Elders, one being the Zone Leaders. So our Branch President, President Carpenter, asked me and Elder Gubler to be the new Zone Leaders. We can already feel the blessings and support from the Lord as were are looked to for answers and as examples, even though we still feel about as new as the newest District. IT’s crazy but it’s good! We had a Zone Devotional under my direction our first night as ZL’s which was super cool and we’re gunna do that here and there, when we can.
Also on Tuesday night Elder Rasband of the quorum of the Twelve came for the devotional! It was super awesome! He talked about the Holy Ghost and had us all read a talk given by him in April 2010 Priesthood Session and went around and had a bunch of random missionaries ask him questions about it. I was thinking about asking him some stuff but I didn’t.
Shout out to Kogan Lennedy for the dirtiest hair award, shout out to Calvin and Allison for being crazy dope together. Also huge shout out to Aunt Sam for a hilarious Dear Elder that I shared with my District! Thank you so much for that, I could picture everything and it was awesome and hilarious.
Countin down the days till we head to Argentina! It’s nuts. My friend from Boise Zach Wiberg just left to Argentina and I was able to hang out with him while we were here, it was awesome! His classroom was right above ours.
Well I love you all and I love what small taste of the work we get here. I love the Lord and I love how much he blesses undeserving old me with Spanish, Teaching Skills, Leading Skills, and health, though I have fallen a little ill these past few days. Only had to go to the ER twice.
I’m just kidding mom don’t worry.
Made a sauna in the showers. Every Monday from now on. It was amazing.

New and Old ZLs
Me and the Zwiberg
New welcoming text on the ZL Phone, one of the few things we can actually do on that phone other than change text color and recieve calls haha.

The Zone
So we made a sauna by duct taping bed sheets on the top of the walkway that leads into the showers. Worked like a charm. Was amazing. All the showers on full blast heat. PRobably not best in terms of water conservations, but the guy who had the idea is from California, so if he’s not concerned then neither am I.
Love you mom! Love you Win! You’re a true genius!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 3: A Couple Years Down! February 16, 2016

So its only been a few weeks, which is crazy, cuz it feels way longer. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, we’re just in class for like 9-11 hours a day.

First of all I love my brother Alex and I had the God given blessing of seeing him on Wednesday the 10th last week. He is such an example and loving man and all you ought to get to know him, cuz he’s awesome. He also sent me a talk titled “The Fourth Missionary” which I have since read and it was truly inspiring and I am currently working on giving my will and heart, the only thing I have that the Lord does not, to the Lord so I can do his will and most effectively serve.
Secondly massive shoutout to 1. the Wilcox Family for the amazing care package from the Green Zone and for the email updates on the happenings of the family! and 2. my own family for the super awesome care package, of which I loved the snacks and the letters and everything. We actually are extremely overloaded in our dorm, 3 rooms have now passed on every snack theyve been passed and got their hands on to us as they have been leaving to the field or another MTC. We have a lot of food. I mean a lot. We also had a mini fridge but this guy stole it. He always comes in every week and suprises us with a room cleanliness evaluation. Apparently the minifridge was for ‘Medical Purposes Only’ according to the Judge of the Missionaries based on their dorms. Also according to a huge note on top.
Anyway, still loving it here and daily trying to improve on exact obedience, complete devotion, and focus on the work. A lot less distractions here than studying at home and whatnot, but no need to worry, I have the creative mind of a genius when it comes to anything but what matters.
I’m doing good though, I gave a lesson on sunday in District meeting on obedience and I’m still the go to guy for Spanish. I’m having fun, even if a little too much, and getting to know people.
I love you all and I miss you all and Im getting more and more excited for the work. The days are becoming identical and the time is speeding up, but everyday there’s improvement. Everyone give Win a big hug for me and show my mom extra love.
Me and Alex
Our district and these sisters who left yesterday for Panama, Hermanas Bradshaw, Newbold, Adamson, and Ramsey.
Me and Elders Buchanan and Shipman from the Zone.

Week 2: Almost 2 weeks! February 9, 2016

Almost 2 weeks now but it has been an eternity. Been super crazy here. And it’s gone by faster for me than mostly everyone because I’ve been doing a lot less studying, but there’s good reason for that! And I’ll explain.

So last week we had 2 trios in our district. On Wednedsay Elder Cisneros and Hermana Eliason came and they were technically in their own advanced Spanish class, but in our district as well, but they weren’t supposed to be alone so Elder Erickson was his part time companion. On Friday or Saturday Elder Cisneros and Erickson were stopped by a Branch President Counselor guy as we were headed to exercise time, which usually consists of four square or volleyball for me, and my and Elder Gubler went and got dressed and were caught up to by Elder Erickson, who said the counselor and Cisneros took him back to the residence cuz they were going to be talking for awhile. When we got back from Exercise time (1 hour) Cisneros’s stuff was gone and there was a note saying he had some stuff to take care of back home and he thanked us for being welcoming. So that was kindof a shock. 2nd missionary in our district to leave within a couple days.
So it went back to two trios, except on Monday morning Elders Bromley and Kreutz left for the Madrid MTC. Elder Hair would’ve gone too but on Sunday night he went to the ER because his leg was swelling up a ton and had started cutting of some circulation. He had had surgery on his legs 2 months prior to entering the MTC and hurt it playing volleyball. He leaves today at 11 and me and him have been companions since Monday morning.
We, me and Elder Hair, walked to the BYU Pharmacy yesterday to get some Aspirin for his flight. We were at a stoplight and these Elementary kids on a bus were waving at us and we felt like celebrities, then the light turned green, and this woman pulled over and I didnt hear her at first, but I thought she was just asking for directions and we told her we’d meet her in the parking lot of the pharmacy. My companion told me she had actually been asking for a blessing. As soon as we started talking to her we could tell there was something off. She was talking about having faith and miscarriages and ex-husbands trying to kill her and her daughter, she didnt have a place to stay and kept bringing up evil spirits and negative energy, and near death experiences and seeing Christ.
Anyway, we gave her a blessing while she sat in the front seat of her car in a parking lot. I was pretty sketched out and this was Elder Hair’s first. We were both pretty creeped out and she wanted our adresses but she liked Elder Hair better and he had her write her email in his missionary planner.
We called out Branch President, cuz youre supposed to report blessings, from the front offices and told him about it and he said we did the right thing and that there’s a sad amount of people like that, insane.
Anyway me and him have been able to hang out a lot as he has been trying to leave and get his leg all cleared and figured out and stuff, and thats why i havent been in the classroom much.
I actually was able to give Elder Hair a blessing on Sunday night. Elder Bromley didnt want to do the blessing part, I dont think he’s given one yet, so Hair asked me to do the blessing and it was very spiritual and amazing.
Anyway big shout out to Sister Wilcox for the Dear Elder! Loved it! Extremely grateful for any word from back home. I love and miss you all, but I’m happy and learning and working here and it’s a huge blessing and amazing.
I will meet with Alex tomorrow morning and that is going to be nuts. Super excited.

Love you!

Elder Gibson
A couple hours later this came:
Hi mom! Just sent off Elder Hair. Kinda sad but mostly cuz now theres no one to goof off a bunch with. Not too bad though haha. Here’s some pictures! Sending more. Love you so much! Give Win a big hug and a kiss for me!

Sending Elder Hair off.
District plus Elder Hair and new Hermana Eliason. We didnt actually get a picture with Elder Cisneros.
Me, Bromley, and Erickson before Bromley and Kreutz left.
Me and Hair with the Zone Leaders, who are awesome! Elder Hogge and Elder Barnett.

Week 1: First week! February 2, 2016

Howdydo! Down here at the MTC we like to work real hard, so its good to sit back and reflect on our lives a bit. Within a couple days my first companion, this great guy named Elder Hendricks from Layton, Utah, who was called to Buenos Aires South also, went home. He had ADD and anxiety and of course home sickness, and he was having a very hard time learning the language, and I dont think it helped that I came in quite advanced in the language, so on Friday we went and he talked to a Branch President for a couple hours and came out and told me he was headed home. He left that night. Pray for him if you will! He wants to come back out ASAP, but he needs to overcome his anxiety. We are in class for around 11 hours almost daily.

But I love it here. I’m now in a trio with Elder Erickson from California, near Sacramento, called to Salta, Argentina and Elder Gubler from Las Vegas, who was called to Posadas, Argentina. We also have another trio in our district (our class, we do most everything together) who are Elder Kreutz, district leader, called to Barcelona, Spain, from Denver I think, Elder Bromley from somewhere in Utah, called to Barcelona also, and Elder Hair, called to Malaga, Spain. He’s from Utah also I believe. Then theres Hermanas Bass and Farber, I dont remember where theyre from but theyre going to Costa Rica, and then theres hermanas Highfill and Wanlass. Hermana Highfill was in my EFY group back in 2013 (I think thats when it was), and so we’re good friends, shes from Chicago, and Hermana Wanlass is actually 24 and was called as a nurse! Highfill is going to Salta and Wanlass is going to Posadas. I love our district, we have a ton of fun.
Thank you all for the birthday things!! Got all the Dear Elders and the Care Package on my birthday, which was awesome! I didnt think about it much all day and then I got a bunch of letters and food and things! Big shout out to my mom of course, Winston, Scoot, Ethyn (spelling?), and my two elder brothers, Nana and Grandpa Gibson, Grandma and Grandpa Ball, Aunt Charity, Jake and Natalie, and anyone who has emailed me thus far! All your love and support and prayers warms my heart and I love and miss all of you!
Its just me and my companions in our room, nowadays is like the lowest amount of people in MTC annually, yet the highest amount of sisters. Which is nice. We study alot, we teach alot of employed ‘investigators’, and the Spanish is coming along well! All the special classes (devotionals, films, other classes) are amazing! We were able to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar here some years ago called “Characteristics of Christ” which was amazing. I dont want to sound cocky, but I am so far the best at Spanish in the class, because of my previous studying of the language, so I am able to help out my classmates. The flipside of that is I dont work as hard as I should and some people are catching up haha. It’s all good.
I miss my family a lot, but I dont let it distract me. There’s other distractions for that. Like the fact that the desks have wheels. And my district is hilarious. But I love you guys and I appreciate the prayers and any emails. I especially appreciate Dear Elder letters, from dearelder.com. Those are the best ever. Heres some photographs, more to come in a separate email..
Las Hermanas of my district.
Me and some of my zone on a temple watch.
Provo Temple
Me and my district!
My companions, then me and Elder Ross from EFY, the Hermana Highfill, from the same EFY, then her companion.
We did a whole picture thing of me unloading my box but since I have so many pictures I’ll have to do that next week or in another email or something.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson



He then sent this:

Got to go to temple today! Was amazing, the Provo tepmle is so cool! Well I shouldnt be on here right now, but I love you and read Win the following:

Winston! I love you buddy. Keep being dope and hilarious and a genius and the flash. I would snuggle you for hours right now. Give mom a hug and punch Ethan in the shoulder for me would you? Love you buddy
Love you Mom!
Elder Gibson

First email!

He sent this the first night in the MTC:

Hey mom! How are you guys doing? I’m fine, I’m already loving it, my companion and classmates are dope. My P-Day is Tuesday, I just got a couple minutes today to send you an E-Mail. I love you guys and I already miss you.