Week 17: Una Semana Loco, May 23, 2016

A crazy week! We had the Misioneros Viajeros this week living with us, after a District Activity and Reunion (meeting) in Cañuelas and Monte, and all we did was work! I loved it!

They are an Elder Rooks from Draper Utah, who will die (finish his mission) this next transfer, and Elder Almeida, from Asuncion Paraguay, whose 26 years old. Theyre both amazing missionaries and great examples. I have learned so much this last week, im excited to apply it all and become ever more dilligent, a better teacher, and lose myself in the work. Dont have much time today, but im glad to hear from each one of you, I love you all.
I dont think I sent pictures last week so I just took this one to send today. Haha I didnt get one with the viajeros. This next week will be crazy too, and I might be emailing a little late, like Tuesday maybe, who knows, but keep it up, do some service to your loved ones and neighbors this week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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Week 16: Gettin Busy, May 16, 2016

Well, this week we had quite a few setbacks, but otherwise a lot of work was done.

Our investigator, Bautista, whose mom was recently baptized, was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, but his mom and step-ish dad said they didnt want him taking that big of a life step until he was more sure of it. Not his idea, but I understand theyre worried about him moving on afterwards, like this might be some phase, which is reasonable.
We also began teaching this super old guy named Luis Martinicorena, a friend of Griselda and Bautista, and we got a baptimsal date (had to think about how to say that for awhile), but then later in the week he told us he wasnt ready yet, but hes super bueno.
We also had the Zone Leaders with us for a day this week! We did a lot of contacting and had a few lessons, we learned a lot and are excited to see if we can get some more investigators out of them!
This next week we will host the misioneros viajeros (traveling missionaries). Who are pretty much super obedient, experienced missionaries who will live with us for a week. Were not exactly sure why, but they go around doing this so i guess its our turn! But were super excited!
Me and one of the viajeros are going to be working in the other half of Las Flores. The city is divided down the main road, we have the north/east side. But the President Thurgood is going to take both sisters out this transfer, and Elder Derbez is leaving too, and im recieving an experienced missionary, and we will have all of Las Flores! Were actually moving into the hermanas pension, which is bigger and right in the middle of the town, but were gunna have to learn the area well in the next two weeks, and were gunna have twice as many old investigators and new investigators and less actives and all that, but im super super excited to settle in and go to work! I understand as the senior companion i will have a lot of responsibility, and a giant area, but i could be more excited and i know i can make the Lord proud with this opportunity.
I love you all and I thank you for reading this weekly rant, its all a missionary wants in terms of the people back home! Have an amazing week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 15: Mother’s Day, May 9, 2016

Had the wonderful opportunity to call my family on Saturday and wish my amazing mom a happy mothers day! My camera didnt work but i was able to see them and talk to them! Im so grateful to have such a loving and supporting and hilarious family, who would all be pretty crappy without my mom keeping us all alive and in check! Everybody who reads this knows without a doubt that my mom is number 1. I love you mom! Keep it up!

Well the dog in the pictures here follows us around everywhere, its name is Job “Slicks” Ratòn (mouse) because its loyal, and a quick little fella. He can beat us on our bikes easily. Anyway he followed us literally across town, probably a good 4 miles, then he followed us back. On the way back we followed the railroads because on the way to, he got physically mauled and attacked by every dog in sight. This is Argentina, there are a lot of dogs, and they like their property.

Well I had my first lesson with a member last week, and this week i had 4 haha, so were excited about that. Also we went to Stake Conference this week. We got up at 4:30 to make the collectivo that our branch rented. Most of our active members went, 3 investigators, and an inactive member and his daughters. It was a great spiritual experience and i did not have a hard time understanding the speakers. We also had the opportunity to hear out mission president and his wife, and the temple president, what a lucky stake!

Its gettin colder, the work is gettin hot, and the font oughtta be filled this week again, so i oughtta have more to report on next week. Love you all! Stay strong! Remember who you are, and dont let it get you down!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 14: 3 months, May 2, 2016

This last week, I finished 3months! Which is crazy and kindof hard to believe, but mostly cuz that includes MTC time, which was a month and a half haha.

Well things are goin good down here, we were able to confirm la hermana Griselda this last Sunday, and I was able to stand in the circle! It was super awesome and powerful to see true preisthood power bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost on a very deserving and strong individual! Grisleda is home now from the hospital, still in a lot of pain as far as I can tell, but she still came to be confirmed.
This last Tuesday was my companions birthday! We celebrated a lot this whole month haha, but on Tuesday a less active family, la familia Andrade, who are wonderful people, gave us asado and torta! The asado is pretty much steak and the wife makes cakes for a living so we had an amazing chocolate and dulce de leche cake. She then gave us like all of the rest!

So last night we had my first lesson with a member! Haha technically my second because of the fact that I had one on exchanges, but that doesnt count. It was with Bautista, the oldest son that lives with Griselda, whose an amazing kid and the change in him from the Gospel is as clear as day, he wants to be a missionary, like now haha. The member was the first counselor of the branch presidency, Hermano Berasain, whose this huge guy who has a bunch of tattoos. He used to be a tattoo artist, but now he paints motos and bikes, he has a great testimony and is just a good man. He reminds me of my dads best friend James Mix.
So my companion decided to put his towel on a gas heater while he was in the shower,  and he called to me to bring it to him. I had been eating breakfast and when I went in the room the towel had a black spot and was smoking. I pulled it off but when I got outside,due to the oxygen it caught fire, as you can tell it did not survive. Super funny classic missionary story though.Elder Derbez was in the shower the whole time helpless, no idea what was going on, just hearing me yell “Shoot dude!” and stuff like that haha.
I got these sweet  leather shoes from my District Leader. They hurt my feet, but I love em and I mostly have em in case I go to the Villa, (the poorest parts of the mission) where theyll steal the shoes right off your feet. These are already worn out and I plan to use em down even more.
And of course one of the pictures from the baptismal service a couple weeks ago. I actually only got two on my camera, but we got a bunch on my companions.
Well, we´ll keep going, you oughtta as well! Theres nothing better than seeing members participate in the work, as we all know “every member a missionary”! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
our meal today, chicken, rice and corn, and salad (i made the salad haha. lemon and pepper! had to hand grind the pepper with a spoon and a metal cup. not very effective)

made myself a scripture cover! I used a shopping bag (like a thicker, boxy one) and the corners of an old box, and some pictures we found in the capilla. it fits all of the spanish standard works and one more book of mormon for to tract with!