Week 28: One of them rollercoaster weeks. August 15, 2016

Week 27: Egg Nog. August 8, 2016

Week 26: Sick. August 2, 2016

Well, after walking in the rain and the wind, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then waking in more rain and more wing, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then after waking in rain and wind yet again, and sitting in wet clothes for an hour, the cold finally got to me. It was pretty bad. From the moment we got back to the pension after the district meeting on tuesday (all the walking and sitting including this and traveling) until thursday night i was pretty dead. i finally started to take ibuprofen and it saved my life,  but a lot of this last week was spent doing nothing. i watched a couple disney movies. luckily my zone leader had bought a few here in las flores but left em here so i was able to watch em when i needed to get my mind off the pain. i think it was mostly just a migraine and my throat was super swollen and a fever. but its all good mom i survived and i didnt even go to the doctors office. they dont actually have one of those here so i wouldve gone to the ´hospital´. But were all good now!

So we were able to get out a little on friday and then normal the rest of the weekend. Our best investigator, Angel, was removed from his house and is not currently in Las Flores. We dont know whats gunna happen, but hes with his little 5 year old son so i think hes gunna be alright. His wife burnt all his clothes though. He didnt come to church sunday haha. He actually called us after I was sick cuz we hadnt seen him in so long. Hows that for an investigator? HE called US to set up an appointment haha.
Yesterday we had a Zone Activity, they bought a ton of pizzas (one each missionary) and then we played minute to win it in teams. I won both times i played but then we had to leave to come back to Las Flores so idk if my team won or not, but it was pretty fun!
A ton of pictures this week. I hope they all come through. Keep enjoying life and the summer, love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
He sent these pics in another email entitled: Museums

And this email:

Week 25: July! July 25, 2016

We´re already gettin to August which is nuts. That means all you children will soon be back in the classroom. That also means that we might be warm pretty soon here.

Well the paraguayan who came to church way too late came way too early this sunday so we were kinda bummed about that, hes super awesome.

The system for reimbursements broke down so we might not have anything but personal money for food and travel for a couple days. kinda sucks cuz im running out but i dont wanna ask my companion to use his money. We spent a lot of time at a lot of different banks for him to finally withdraw some money his family had sent him. Hes from very humble beginnings. But to celebrate his being able to withdraw the money we went to a huge buffet on our way home from visa jenk. Id send pictures but its not havin it today.  So more stuff for next week haha.

Were gunna focus on family home evenings this week, because the members are excited to work, the investigators and whatnot are willing to and need to become friends with the few members we have, and so were just gunna start throwing them together in the house of whoever we can. Pretty excited.

This last week we were able to work alot, but its been extra freezing cold lately so its been a little more of a sacrifice haha. Also despite the cold more people are out on the street at night, so my companion hasnt been sleeping well. Just impressive the amount of children and whatnot walking outside our pension like its a summer day.

I invite you all to enjoy the summer! Especially the heat! And also the chance to have family home evenings!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 24: Crazy Awesome. July 18, 2016

Well i hope my mom finds a way to send the pictures I sent her about what we did for PDay today. Also I mentioned the museum last week, and after cyber i realized i had not sent the pictures, so i probably will next week. Dont worry, the museum exists, we actually went, tenga fe (have faith).

So what we did today was we just got on the bikes and rode North. We hit campo pretty quick, and from then on and on the way back we got some solid pictures. Got a couple bonus ones down here.
This last week we were out of the area again for District Leader Training and visa stuff. But we had an investigator almost come to church! We called him a little before sacrament meeting and he said hed be there, but he came an hour late cuz he misheard the time. His name is Ángel Malo  (yes that means Bad Angel) hes from Paraguay, he had a crazy life, but now he lives with his wife and son here in Las Flores, he´s super awesome though.
We´re excited to be able to work this week, and to get to know our District  tomorrow in the first district meeting of the new transfer. The only thing that changed is Elder Jessons new companion, Elder Aramayo, argentino. also theres only 6 of us now at the end of the world here.

What we climbed to get some of the shots.
Not sure you can see all the sheeps in the back, but it was dope.
We found this crazy skeleton. My companion said it was from a giant turtle, cuz the top of the skull and the ribcage are on the same side haha. Who knows.
This sign here says danger, gas. Yet I am still unclear on what exactly its telling us.
Saw this guy doin stuff.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

He then sent this email and pics:

Lehi’s Dream pt 1:

Lost in the dark and dreary wasteland

Angels that guided us to the strait and narrow path.
The Iron Rod (and what it leads to super zoomed in)
The  filthy rivers



And then this email:

Lehi’s Dream pt 2:

Week 23: Howdydo? July 11, 2016

Transfers this week! Were stayin here! Both me and Elder Gonzales arent changing a bit, which I´m pretty glad for. I didnt want to move or leave Las Flores just yet. To celebrate we ate 2 big ol pizzas on the roof of our neighbors house. Pictures attached (i hope).

What did change was our district. Now its only two elders in Cañuelas, Elder Jesson from Pennsylvannia, and my best friend Elder Bonifaz from Spain is leaving, i think hes gunna be in the same district as my last companion and ´dad´ Elder Derbez.
The Hermanas Muñoz from Spain and Chappel from America are staying in Monte, where Sister Chappel will finish her training and Sister Muñoz will die and return home honorably.
Im gunna send a ton of pictures of what we did today. This morning for our P-Day we went to a museum here in Las Flores. They have an impressive amount of history and fossils and stuff like that. Pictures and commentary to come.
We´ve been working a lot with this 22 year old who has drug problems named Laureano, he thinks im an angel, but we love him and are excited to teach him. We´ve been focusing a lot on helping everyone we teach, members or not, to pray, read, and go to church. I had to think about that to translate it for a second haha. These 3 things are basic, and if someone does them with real intent, all things will be made known unto them, pertaining to this life and the next. All things. Pretty great for a little bit of effort.
The Branch has been working a lot recently, with the Elders quorum going and visitng less actives and stuff, and were super excited for it! Baptisms are very common in my mission, because the members are super helpful, except for Las Flores and a few other areas haha. Mostly because were so few here. But were still goin!
The times flyin, I love you all, keep being awesome and spending time together and with family! Jesus Christ is alive and he leads our church today! Doctrine and Covenants 122 really puts the atonement into perspective. Great section.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 22: Halfway through 2016? July 4, 2016

Today to celebrate 4th of July we had a District Activity, where we went to the lake here in las flores and ate a bunch of choripan (chorizo, which is like fat delicious brautwurst, and pan which is bread haha) and played futbol and messed around and we brought a ton of potatos prepped cuz i was gunna make mashed potatos for the district but we didnt have time and also ran out of coals ): all good though. ya see on sunday the elderes de cañuelas came and stayed the night and we had a little 4th of july party. its elder bonifaz from spain and elder jesson from pennsylvannia, so he knew what was going on atleast. ill send pictures next week, we used elder jessons camera mostly. attached are pictures of the district at the lake.

we met our new mission president this week! he didnt really change any rules (i hoped he would tell us we could drink mate with people in there houses, but he didnt). and im not sure were gunna have transfers this next week on time, but the guy is Presidente Calquin de Chile and him and his wife are super funny and awesome and excited! Im also excited to work with him and see where he takes me and the mission..
we also had splits with the zone leaders! but all 4 of us worked here in las flores haha. they slept in for quite awhile, maybe cuz we stayed up talking a lot, but we still were able to leave and work at 10.
well, i realized this week that as a branch here in las flores its very hard to get the work going compared to other areas in the mission, and i just want to invite you all to enjoy having big wards up there in boise! with activities and lots of members! it really makes a Zion up there and we are really blessed for it!

Love you!

Elder Gibson