Week 72: Ohio, June 26, 2017

Pretty hard week. We worked super hard but we didn`t have a single lesson. I came here thinking this place was easy to get baptisms and stuff cuz its super humble but I guess its not as simple as I thought haha.

So this week we had a Zone Conference and that was extrememly enjoyable as always.
Also we were talking to someone and then this guy asked us ´´Are you guys missionaries?´´ in perfect English. We weren´t quite sure how to respond but we started talking to him. His name is Hider. Hes from Ohio. He´s here doing some program for the UN helping kids out and stuff. Hes pretty cool and he knows the missionarys and mormons cuz he had a bunch of mormon friends. So yeah all the sudden we found a white person that actually speaks english and isnt mormon. Never thought that would happen. Super far away from the city too. But we dont have a picture with him unfortunately.
Not sure I told the story but a couple weeks ago we helped a guy push his mud out of the truck, and here`s how he left us. I got it worse then my comp, and you cant quite see all the mud, but theres more then it seems. It was a fun day.
Woulda had a couple more detailed stories in here but I mostly spent my time here talking to my little brother Ethan for his birthday which happened this last Saturday. Happy Birthday Ethan! No one ever thought you`d make it this far. Here`s some pictures of stuff we do now that we`re 4 white Elders living in almost the same place.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 71: Round 2 Week 1, June 19, 2017

Another week here in Catan. Pretty solid week though. We find some new investigators, 2 of which we are extremely excited about. Also, we found a young man who seems super interested but he lives in a different area so we passed him over, pretty sweet though.

Also it was Fathers Day yesterday I think. And if I`m not mistaken it was my dads birthday as well. So luckily for me I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Also, I`m not 100 percent sure on either, but im only on here once a week, so I feel like if i wish him a happy birthday now i can`t be that far off from when it actually is. So Happy Birthday and Happy Fathers day Dad! I love you a ton! I know we always act like were not very involved in the life of one another, we both know you often have to fight back the tears when you think of me. But seriously though, I love you and I`m glad for you example. I know you have been very faithful to the Gospel during your life, and the blessings are obvious, and I can`t thank you enough. Keep being the Number One Scoot! Heres what we did.
Now I`m not sure what part of this picture it was, but im pretty sure something from this selection that I ate was expired or something, cuz I was extremely sick Sunday Morning, we went to church and lunch, and then we did divisiones and me and my zone leader whose been sick for a couple weeks now just rested yesterday, so it was fun to spend the day with a trucker from Arizona, but we had a good time and we both feel a lot better now. So dont worry about me, mom!
Love you all! Have a good week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 70: Death? June 12, 2017

Well, transfers! Me and my comp stay the same! Except I`m not District Leader anymore haha! So I`m gunna have a lot more time to do things now. It`s gunna be good. we`re gunna finally baptize here in Catan 3B.

Death because Elder Gonzalez is goin back to Chile! He leaves today. It`s been a super awesome transfer, this kid is nuts. If I had more time I would put some more pictures on here with him, but anyway.
Last week the President of the Quorum of the Seventy came, President Clayton! It was super awesome! He talked to our whole mission and the Buenos Aires MTC Missionaries! So I got to see all my old friends from the missino too! It was pretty cool. He called us to repentance in a lot of things, and the mission has recently gotten a lot better, but now the cycle of improvement continues with a little boost.
This Saturday the other Elders baptized a miracle family! They were literally praying to God to guide them to right church when the Elders knocked on their door 3 weeks ago! They super converts! I had the opportunity to do their baptismal interviews, and it went amazing. The Dad already has a super strong testimony, and the kids are extremely respectful!
Also we did a service project for a member. Gonzalez wasnt there cuz he was messin around with the other Elders who died in the Capital of Buenos Aires.
Have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 69: District Activities and Contacts, June 5, 2017

So last Monday we had a district activity where Elder Gonzalez made tacos and then we played soccer. We had some members come and we did not take any pictures haha. It was pretty fun though.

Then on Tuesday we had interviews with President Calquin which is always good, had a super good interview with him and he explained to me some of the changes that have been going on in the mission recently and how the mission has changed alot, all for the better. It was awesome.
Then on Wednesday we had a district meeting, and I came with a little game prepared to test my districts knowledge of the Book of Mormon, which ended up taking the whole time haha, but it was good, I stumped em all a couple times.
So yeah this week we`ve been doing a lot of contacts. Every day just tons of contacts. Not a lot of people to teach. But we`re gettin there, we still haven`t gone a week without finding someone to teach so thats good. We`re still keepin the good spirits up though so thats good. This is the last PDay of Elder gonzalez de viña del mar chile so we bought a super fat pizza with cheese and ham in the crust and in the bread and a bunch of alfajores. So pretty much all is well. Pictures to come next week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson