Week 100: Goodbye Buenos Aires, Hola Boise, January 8, 2018

Well, I guess this is it. I can`t postpone it any longer. The Last Big One. These last few days I`ve tried to think of everything I`ve learned in the last 2 years, and I got to a conclusion: I can´t. I literally can`t even imagine what I was like before the mission. I`ve changed so much, I`ve learned so much, I`ve shaved so many times. My beard is going to be killer when I get back.

 Alright so maybe I haven`t changed all that much. Nah I`m just kidding, I have. I have learned so much about the Church and the Gospel. I feel like I share a similar feeling with alot of other returned missionaries (or almost returned missionaries, that is); if I had known back then all that I know now, I would have been able to accomplish so much more. I honestly think that if I had the opportunity to serve another 2 year mission as a young adult, I would. Just seeing the difference between little ol Justin Gibson and J-Dawg Gibster 2.0 would be motivation enough to go through a similarly difficult and rewarding 2 more years of service. I can`t even imagine what J-Dawg Gibster 2.0 would evolve into after another 2 years.
 The good news is, I can still be a missionary when I get home! I want you all to know now that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ`s only true and complete church on the Earth today. We literally have all the truth ever. God speaks to our leaders, and his Holy Ghost guides us personally. His work is helping his children come and be baptized in this church for the remission of sins, so that together we can all be perfected in Christ, and present ourselves spotless before God in His day. All the blessings we can possibly imagine our within our reach, if we can just obey God`s will. I could go on forever, but no one likes super long emails. I`ll see you all soon anyway.
 This week we did comp exchanges from Wednesday night to Friday night. I went and stayed in the Acevedo pensh with Elder Stiles, pretty close to the mission home. Thursday morning we got up and got on a bus to Capital, the equivalent of downtown buenos aires pretty much, we did a tour there till 4, inlcuding a ton of super dope places, Imma try to throw some pictures on later, but then we had a selfsufficciency class by our Presidente Calquín, and then ate a little dinner in the mission home. Friday we got up and went down to the temple, then back to the mission home for a big ol lunch, and then we took some pictures, had a little testimony meeting and got some things. The week went by super quick. We were able to have a super good day this Saturday full of work, but on Sunday I already had to start packing. Right now we`re in Lomas, came to buy a few last things.
 Anyway, Imma toss some pictures down, but I love you all and I`m so grateful for the support from family and friends over these past 2 years. I`m very excited to see you all again, but I don`t like to think too much about leaving my Argentine life behind. I dont know how to do anything but missionary work nowadays. It doesnt help that I didnt know how to do anything before the mission either. But I have lived here for quite awhile, its gunna be wierd to adjust back to good ol Idaho.Thats life I guess. Well, you know what they say…
Love you!
Elder Gibson

Week 99: 2018, January 2, 2018

Here in my last area I just completed the first week. Went by slowly. I think its cuz of Christmas and New Years and Interviews with President and a bunch of stuff. Also I only have one week left.

But, I do believe I will be on here again next week, the same day I fly out, becuase if not my comps gunna be pretty anxious to talk with his family haha.
So for New Years we stayed in the Zone Leaders pensh the night of the 31st, and the other Elders from Claypole stayed in our pensh last night. With the Zone Leaders we made completos chilenos (little hot dogs with guacamole and little french fries and stuff) and a Argentine style fruit salad. It was pretty good and we had a good time. Also the next door neighbors threw a party late at night. I have gotten used to sleeping with loud music coming from nearby down here in Argentina, but this time they hit me in my blindspot by blasting Ice Cube. So that was an interesting twist.
Anyway I´d like to wish everyone a Happy New Years! Its wierd to think that its almost been exactly 2 years since I was sent out as a missionary. But it was good to be able to reflect on everything I´ve learned this year. It went by super quick. I have a feeling that time doesnt really slow down from here on out. Just gets faster and faster. But every New Years is an opportunity to refocus ourselves on what we want to do better in the future, and set goals for the year.  I´m not 100% sure what I want out of this next year, mostly because I don´t remember what its like to not be a missionary, but I dont want to think about all that for another week or two, so I´m just gunna invite all of you to really think through what you want to do better this year, and to make plans, and then to do it! I love you all and I´ll most likely be writing next week. If not, well, see ya in about a week.
I had intercambios with a new elder in our district, Elder Wadsworth
The rest of the pictures are a mix of New Years with the Zone Leaders, Christmas with the Ferraro Family, the day after Christmas with the Claypole Elders, and a few pictures from Laferrere that I havent been able to send yet. Also heres my new Zone, Zona Burzaco!

Love you!
Elder Gibson

Week 98: Unexpected Christmas Delivery, December 26, 2017

Well, first and foremost, Merry Christmas everyone! I had my second and last Argentine Christmas as a representative of Jesus Christ, and it was awesome! We ate lunch with this older couple named Ferraro who made stuffed ham and a bunch of other little things to eat like 10 different types of pickled vegetables and also chorizo and cheese and stuff like that. We had dinner with them, the 4 of us here in Claypole and our zone leaders from Burzaco.

So I don´t know if anyone was paying attention but im now in Claypole! Its the same stake as the other area I was in, Adrogué. Surprisingly enough, they transferred me out of Laferrere with 2 weeks left in the mission! I´ll get to why later, but now my comps name is Elder Allen, from Loro, Ecuador! His trainer was Elder Mendoza, who became my comp right after training Elder Allen. Elder Mendoza also trained Elder McMillan, who was also my comp. On top of that, Elder Mendoza was trained by Elder Batson, who became my comp a year ago today! So I guess I´m just part of the family now….
…Which is good because my old trainee, Elder McConkie, went home this last Friday. He had some things he had to get taken care of from before the mission, and he was also really struggling adapting to the missionary lifestyle and, more then anything, the language. So on Tuesday we had interviews with the Mission President, along with the rest of the zone, and that was when we talked to President and we knew for sure that Elder McConkie was going home. On Thursday they called us confirming everything, and on Friday afternoon me and a Brother from the mission took Elder McConkie to the airport and helped him get through checkin and saw him off. The Brother then dropped me off here in Claypole.
 Good news is my comp was able to be home for Christmas, and hes gunna be able to take care of whatever he needs to take care of, and be with his family. It was a little hard to take my ´´son´´ to the airport and pack up and move with only 2 weeks left after making Christmas plans with the members from Laferrere, but I really can´t complain, my comps great, and in a few weeks I will have successfully fulfilled my 2 year calling as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I would go more into counting my blessings, but I think I´m gunna save that for next week. Things haved been gettin pretty trunky, especially with my last skype call that I did with my family on Sunday. It was awesome! But I still have time to go ham down here and take advantage of the fact that I´ve never been a better missionary, and I´ve never spoken the language better. So things aren´t bad at all. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years and let you all know that I´m doing fine and I love you all!
No pics today, I have a ton I want to send, but thats how it goes down here. Next week for sure maybe!

Love you!

Elder Gibson