Week 34: Baptism! September 26, 2016

Well attached are pictures of a baptismal service from Saturday. It doesnt count as ours as missionaries, cuz the Sister Missionaries in our ward taught him, but why not celebrate just as much? His name is Ruben and hes got a sweet goatee and hair, and hes very humble and quiet and happy. Hes gunna be a good member. Becuase of their jobs none of the members who helped teach him could baptize him, so he picked my companion. We were also able to stand in the circle to confirm him! That was super powerful.
I finally got my hands on a package my mom sent a little more than a month ago! I got an awesome Cousin Camp shirt, shown here when we went out to run this morning, and a ton of American candy! Which is good cuz Argentine candy is..well, less. Brought back some good memories eatin a Jolly Rancher for the first time in years. I also got a little dope book and letters from you guys at home which I super enjoyed! Its also awesome cuz now i have something for my companions to write in at Transfers! I thank all who wrote me a little note. Tomorrow I will use and take pictures of another awesome thing I found in my package.
Anyway we went on splits this week with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Shill from Mesa Arizona, we had a lot of fun and contacted a lot of people.
Isidoro came to church this sunday again but without his granddaughter, but we didnt go and bring him so its a big step.
— Love you!
Elder Gibson

Week 33: Short. September 19, 2016

Well, we had a District Activity and we ate crappy hot dogs with guacamole and stuff, so it was awesome! We played pool too, which was super cool. I did alright, except i lost for us at the end.

Isidoro has a hard time believing that Jesus is the Christ, but he has a firm belief in God and so we´re working with him.

Not much time, hence the name ´Short´ but I love you all and I invite you to have a good time this week even if normally it would be a terrible one!

Oh also we made mexican-ish food for the 15th of September and cuz i think i finished 6 months in the field.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 32: Isidoro. September 12, 2016

Week 31: Well. September 5, 2016

this week went by super slow! not a lot of success, and it got super cold again, but its all good that just means that if we keep working hard we´re one week less away from success! ill tell you what though, for the first time in almost 3 transfers i had an investigator come to church! we havent even had a lesson with the guy! hes this ancient ol wrinkly argentine baller named Isidoro. he brought his granddaughter too. he actually shared something in preisthood class. it was only one word but i think he enjoyed it. apparently in the last lesson they had with him more than 2 weeks ago he told em he doesnt really believe in christ and all that but idk i hope thats changed haha.

also two chavones from las flores came and visited us this week! elder stiles, a redhead from california, and my old companion, el animal boliviano elder speedy gonzales, came and stayed the night on tuesday night becuase gonzales and my companion are district leaders and they had training in the morning, so me and elder stiles worked here in banfield! it was cool cuz he was here for 3 months so he knows the area. we visited this member who reminds me so much of golem. he started talking about deep doctrine like how the human body can withdraw knowledge from electrical cables according to joseph smith and stuff but it was all good hes awesome. i think theres a pic of me and the ginger boy.
im gunna let these photos speak for themselves in pure luxury points, but my mex bud made horchata and well heres what happened, congrats to my boy alex for surviving (21?) years, here ya go
i was kinda sad earlier today cuz i almost forgot the name of los betos, but its all good now! have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson