Week 99: 2018, January 2, 2018

Here in my last area I just completed the first week. Went by slowly. I think its cuz of Christmas and New Years and Interviews with President and a bunch of stuff. Also I only have one week left.

But, I do believe I will be on here again next week, the same day I fly out, becuase if not my comps gunna be pretty anxious to talk with his family haha.
So for New Years we stayed in the Zone Leaders pensh the night of the 31st, and the other Elders from Claypole stayed in our pensh last night. With the Zone Leaders we made completos chilenos (little hot dogs with guacamole and little french fries and stuff) and a Argentine style fruit salad. It was pretty good and we had a good time. Also the next door neighbors threw a party late at night. I have gotten used to sleeping with loud music coming from nearby down here in Argentina, but this time they hit me in my blindspot by blasting Ice Cube. So that was an interesting twist.
Anyway I´d like to wish everyone a Happy New Years! Its wierd to think that its almost been exactly 2 years since I was sent out as a missionary. But it was good to be able to reflect on everything I´ve learned this year. It went by super quick. I have a feeling that time doesnt really slow down from here on out. Just gets faster and faster. But every New Years is an opportunity to refocus ourselves on what we want to do better in the future, and set goals for the year.  I´m not 100% sure what I want out of this next year, mostly because I don´t remember what its like to not be a missionary, but I dont want to think about all that for another week or two, so I´m just gunna invite all of you to really think through what you want to do better this year, and to make plans, and then to do it! I love you all and I´ll most likely be writing next week. If not, well, see ya in about a week.
I had intercambios with a new elder in our district, Elder Wadsworth
The rest of the pictures are a mix of New Years with the Zone Leaders, Christmas with the Ferraro Family, the day after Christmas with the Claypole Elders, and a few pictures from Laferrere that I havent been able to send yet. Also heres my new Zone, Zona Burzaco!

Love you!
Elder Gibson