Week 90: Week Flew By, October 30, 2017

This week we helped quite a few less actives get to church, so that was super awesome! Other then that we weren´t able to teach a whole lot of investigadors, but we keep going anyway!
On Thursday we had Zone Conference and Activity. The Conference was super good as always, and me and the team I played soccer on won the Losers Bracket, so that was pretty fun actually. Had a good time.

Apparently this week we`re gunna be helping the Pensionero a ton with painting apartments and stuff like that, so it´s gunna be fun but we´re probably not gunna have a lot of time to work during the week. Gunna be interesting.

Today we have a District Activity, we got a volleyball net and ball, all we need to find are the posts for the net that are supposedly in the Church, but we`ll see. I`ll try to take some pictures.

Here´s a few pics of the pension! We´re 9 living there now. 4 bedroom 3 bathroom. I only took a few pics of the ´dining room´ and the ´living room´.

Oh yeah my comps and some other elders also made chocolate chip pancakes and then later blueberry pancakes, and i came in with the maple syrup. super good.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 89: Capital Federal, October 23, 2017

Another week here in Adrogué C4. Thats legitimately what my areas called. Freakin dope. Anyway, this week we found some more people to teach. This Sunday was national voting here in Argentina, which is mandatory, so we couldn´t get anyone to church.

Also on Wednesday I went with the guy who does Visa stuff in the mission and 2 somewhat new sisters to go work on the visa for her. So we went to this place that I think was somewhat like an Embassy(?). I just felt like I was in Perú. I was surrounded by Peruvians and it was a little hotter in there then outside and the inside of the building just made me think I was in Perú. Pretty cool. Also it was about one block from the Casa Rosada, which is like the Argentine version of the White House, we just saw the outside of it, but it was still pretty cool. Then we saw the Obelisco, which was also pretty cool. Kindof a weaker version of the Washington Monument. Also it´s on the widest street in the world, 9 de Julio. Pretty cool.
Didnt take pics though cuz we just passed by, also we go there at the end of the mission.

So I was gunna take some pics of the pension, but I forgot too. Maybe after we clean it a little bit. So, sorry mom, no pics today! Have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 88: T-12? “El Cumplimiento de los Tiempos“, October 16, 2017

Well, its been an interesting week. I´ve heard from the elders down there in Villa Madero that the Venezuelan family is still ballin`, so thats good.

Here in Adrogué C2 we help the Pensionero whenever he needs us, so its likely that I´ll be heading down there somehow to be able to say hi to the family, so I keep my fingers crossed!
Other than that all is good over here, liking the area, and the 8 other Elders I live with are all dope, so we`re gunna have some good times. We already have gotten to know some members and been able to teach a couple who has literally like 60 cats and dogs after doing a service for them. Super excited to keep working here.
Among other news yesterday i went tracting(?) on a street called Diego Gibson. I would present myself then ask what street we were on, but no one really got it, no matter how strong of a latin accent i put into my last name.
Here in Argentina it was mothers day yesterday, so I just wanted to say thanks, as if it will ever be enough, to all my moms and my grandparents! Not only your prayers but the good examples you have set for me are felt strongly as I face the challenges that come with the mission. “Ye are the light of this world“. I specifically thank my Nana Gibson for the package I recieved this last week, for the letter and the inspiring story about the 17 points of the true church. Along with that came some goodies and some letters from my family, all have which have been and have yet to be enjoyed. I specifically thank my grandparents Ball for their relentless dedication to the Lord, including the sacrifice they gave by leaving behind their family and serving in the Hong Kong temple about 3 and a half years ago. I can now understand a little more of what that was, but only a little. I`m grateful I got to see them before I left on my mission, and then later that I could see my older brother Alex as he returned from his.
It looks like I will not have the same opportunity to see my little baby brother Ethan, as he reports to the Mexico MTC the 29th of December, and I fly into the states the 9th of January, but I am so excited for him to have similar missionary experiences as I have been able to have, and to really develop a concrete testimony, like I have. Good work Ethan!
Here are some pictures from before i left Madero! I still have yet to take some of where i live now, its super nice, kinda just feels and looks like a cabin.

Love you!

Elder Gibson