Week 84: Venezuela, September 18, 2017

Well theres this family in our ward that moved here from venezuela a while back, the dad came alone at first until his wife and kids and his cousins husband and kid could all move up here, and we went and taught em yesterday! the dad and wife are members, there relatives arent, so we´re gunna teach em and see how it goes. Our mission probably baptizes more foreigners then Argentines, so its always good to have foreigners in your area.

Speaking of which we have a part of our area where its pretty much all Bolivians, which is cool cuz i only had 1 Bolivian comp and never really got to know much about Bolivian culture/food, like I was able to do about Perú and Paraguay.
We had a Zone Conference on Wednesday, which went super well, always love those things.
STuffs goin good here, me and my comp are gettin used to the area and gettin to know a lot of members. We´ve got some people we´re working with, so we´re gunna be able to see if they progress. Still love this place. No pictures today though, stuff aint workin. there was a stray dog walkin around in here though so hopefully next week ill be able to send pictures of him. Have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 50: Fistfight, January 16, 2017

Well, cant upload pics today, so, sorry about that. This week was pretty good! We found an old investigator who came to church with us! Hes pretty weird, we couldnt tell if he was drunk or not, but he kinda acted like it, but he didnt smell too bad. Hes called Ramon. Hes pretty old.

Things are going super well in my last area, Banfield 1, my old companion keeps telling me about alot of the people me and him found or taught who are progressing so thats cool! We have some investigators here that are progressing too, and we´re excited for that.
Being District Leader is interesting. People depend on me for things. I dont know things. But its good, I like it. Im scared im gunna have to do a baptismal interview and not understand the person at all though haha.
On Saturday we left with the Elders Quorum in the morning and then did divisions in the afternoon and evening, so that was pretty awesome. We helped a lot to the members and we got a good amount of work done.
Its pretty hot down here in Argentina and I left my sunscreen in my old area on accident but its all good, im pretty used to it.
We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, and the Chileano who came here boxed my companion (whose a boxer) so that was pretty funny haha. Dont you wish i could send pictures?
The mission here is changing a lot. When i got to the mission there was very few baptisms every month. Now we´ve broken the mission´s record twice, above 50 is our average recently, and we´re all pretty excited for it. I´d love to hear from all you at home, but more importantly I just hope you have a good week and read the Book of Mormon! Sometimes thats what makes a good week! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 18: Time. June 6, 2016

When we had the misioneros viajeros, one thing they always emphasized was our limited time on the mission to work. This week we have really started to see that. We arrived in Las Flores on Monday, and were able to work a little bit on Monday and Tuesday, but we had to do a bunch of P-Day stuff. Then on Wednesday we left after studies and lunch to go to Adrogué, becuase on Thursday Elder Gonzales had a training for District Leaders, and during that time I went on splits. It actually ended up being me, Elder Styles, and Elder Beard. All of us gringos arrived together, and for some reason us 3 out of all 6 of us (the other 3 being native speakers) went to lunch with a member and less active. But we did alright! It was cool to spend some time with those guys and see how far we´ve all come.

Then on Friday we had Trámites, which is Visa stuff, I ended up not doing anything except being other missionaries companion but it was fun! Except me and Elder Gonzales got split up, and him and a different missionary decided to go to the other missionaries first area for fun. I was able to spend some time with Elder Derbez and his companion though! But instead of going back to Las Flores after Trámites, we had to wait for Elder Gonzales to get back. He also left his backpack in a remis (taxi) ,so we spent a couple hours getting that back, and ended up sleeping in Cañuelas and coming back Saturday morning. We barely missed the bus on Saturday morning so we had to pay 600 pesos to come back to Las Flores in a remis haha. The other option would be wait for 3 hours.

Today we had grilled cheese sandwhiches, tomato soup, and ´Gibson Potatoes´ ,cuz I wanted Elder Gonzales to get a little taste of America, but we have to go to Cañuelas in a few hours to attend a training thing for District Leaders early in the morning tomorrow in Buenos Aires haha. I hope we will have enough money to pay for rent.

On Sunday we had an amazing sacrament meeting. Our congregation of 24 members and investigators was crying after the Branch President bore his testimony for a second time. He´s the best, definintely a general authority some day, he bore his testimony after me and talked about the power of missionaries and how though I couldnt speak well i could express my love and invite the Spirit. He also served where my companion is from! So thats cool.

Well I love you all and am glad to recieve all your emails and hear from you, even if it takes awhile for me to respond. Im also glad to hear my sweet little cousin friend Grace has decided to take upon herself the name of her Savior! She will feel blessings for the rest of her life for what she did this last week! Same with you Paden, my big friend (theres an Aquabats reference for ya)!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 7: ARGENTINA! March 14, 2016

Wooh! How yall doin? I made it! The flight was long, but it actually felt really short. I didnt sleep at all. I mostly just played Sodoku. It went by quick, but I was super exhausted when I got to BA. First things I noticed were the humidity and how everything is green. Love em both.

So we met the Mission President and his Assistants and wife, and her sister and brother in law who are part of the mission Presidency? Not a hundred percent sure. Anyway, I got assigned Elder Derbez from Mexico! He´s super awesome and speaks a lot of English, which is good and bad. We get a long super well. He just finished his training which makes me scared to be a trainer haha.
But if I get to be in Las Flores, all will be well. I love Las Flores. Me and Elder Derbez have half this little town, and Hermana Shepard form SoCal and Hermana Molinero from Tuceman, Argentina, have the other half! We´re the farthest area out in the mission, so we´ve hardly had much time to do much in our area! We had to go into town (about 7.5-8 hrs roundtrip) 3 times this week, but usually we only do once, so itll be aight.
There´s one ward here, few members, in the stake Monte Grande (i think). A lot of less actives and a lot of people to visit that are either progressing or future investigators. The language is hard, I have a hard time understanding it, but I can clearly see process as I continue to learn, Im not too worried, I just need to practice patience, because I wish I could talk and understand more in lessons and when we visit people.
So Las Flores is great, mission work is great, there´s dogs everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I havent gotten bit yet, but theres only been like one or two close calls. The drivers are nuts, especially when we got into town. But everyones pretty friendly. I´ll send pictures of our actually pretty nice Pensión.
Also the food is great, no problems at all with it, and Elder Derbez is a great chef. Idk how to cook at all. Spices are unheard of here haha, so the flavor of the food is what you get, which isnt bad. Shout out to everyone who emailed me! Ill try to email back, no mucho tiempo. Pictures to come! Love you all! Keep striving to show the Lord that you understand that everything is his, and that everything you give to those around will be returned tenfold, albeit later!
And of course, Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you! Everyone who reads this agrees that youre the best Mom in the world! No doubt about that. Here´s how we celebrated:
 IMG_0681 (1)
Our Pension and my companion! So theres always frogs in our backyard at night, which is super dope. Elder Derbez hates frogs. Also we saw a dog walking around with one of his legs freshly removed a little less than halfway down, that was nuts. Most of the dogs are nice. We have one that I named Jefe today that lives around our Pension. Also we have Bikes! Big surprise. Theyve actually probably wasted more time, because we had to walk to the shop like 4 times before it was opened, and then he got a flat tire twice, anyway…

 IMG_0687 IMG_0686 IMG_0689 IMG_0684 IMG_0690 IMG_0683 IMG_0682

Week 1: First week! February 2, 2016

Howdydo! Down here at the MTC we like to work real hard, so its good to sit back and reflect on our lives a bit. Within a couple days my first companion, this great guy named Elder Hendricks from Layton, Utah, who was called to Buenos Aires South also, went home. He had ADD and anxiety and of course home sickness, and he was having a very hard time learning the language, and I dont think it helped that I came in quite advanced in the language, so on Friday we went and he talked to a Branch President for a couple hours and came out and told me he was headed home. He left that night. Pray for him if you will! He wants to come back out ASAP, but he needs to overcome his anxiety. We are in class for around 11 hours almost daily.

But I love it here. I’m now in a trio with Elder Erickson from California, near Sacramento, called to Salta, Argentina and Elder Gubler from Las Vegas, who was called to Posadas, Argentina. We also have another trio in our district (our class, we do most everything together) who are Elder Kreutz, district leader, called to Barcelona, Spain, from Denver I think, Elder Bromley from somewhere in Utah, called to Barcelona also, and Elder Hair, called to Malaga, Spain. He’s from Utah also I believe. Then theres Hermanas Bass and Farber, I dont remember where theyre from but theyre going to Costa Rica, and then theres hermanas Highfill and Wanlass. Hermana Highfill was in my EFY group back in 2013 (I think thats when it was), and so we’re good friends, shes from Chicago, and Hermana Wanlass is actually 24 and was called as a nurse! Highfill is going to Salta and Wanlass is going to Posadas. I love our district, we have a ton of fun.
Thank you all for the birthday things!! Got all the Dear Elders and the Care Package on my birthday, which was awesome! I didnt think about it much all day and then I got a bunch of letters and food and things! Big shout out to my mom of course, Winston, Scoot, Ethyn (spelling?), and my two elder brothers, Nana and Grandpa Gibson, Grandma and Grandpa Ball, Aunt Charity, Jake and Natalie, and anyone who has emailed me thus far! All your love and support and prayers warms my heart and I love and miss all of you!
Its just me and my companions in our room, nowadays is like the lowest amount of people in MTC annually, yet the highest amount of sisters. Which is nice. We study alot, we teach alot of employed ‘investigators’, and the Spanish is coming along well! All the special classes (devotionals, films, other classes) are amazing! We were able to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar here some years ago called “Characteristics of Christ” which was amazing. I dont want to sound cocky, but I am so far the best at Spanish in the class, because of my previous studying of the language, so I am able to help out my classmates. The flipside of that is I dont work as hard as I should and some people are catching up haha. It’s all good.
I miss my family a lot, but I dont let it distract me. There’s other distractions for that. Like the fact that the desks have wheels. And my district is hilarious. But I love you guys and I appreciate the prayers and any emails. I especially appreciate Dear Elder letters, from dearelder.com. Those are the best ever. Heres some photographs, more to come in a separate email..
Las Hermanas of my district.
Me and some of my zone on a temple watch.
Provo Temple
Me and my district!
My companions, then me and Elder Ross from EFY, the Hermana Highfill, from the same EFY, then her companion.
We did a whole picture thing of me unloading my box but since I have so many pictures I’ll have to do that next week or in another email or something.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson



He then sent this:

Got to go to temple today! Was amazing, the Provo tepmle is so cool! Well I shouldnt be on here right now, but I love you and read Win the following:

Winston! I love you buddy. Keep being dope and hilarious and a genius and the flash. I would snuggle you for hours right now. Give mom a hug and punch Ethan in the shoulder for me would you? Love you buddy
Love you Mom!
Elder Gibson

Pre-Mission parties and events

Justin received his call on September 5, 2015. We had a large group at our house to watch him open it and grandparents on Skype.

Here is the video:

He had more than 4 months to prepare to leave. He worked full-time at Ball Manor until it was too cold in December. He then irritated his parents by mostly doing nothing and hanging out with friends until the last week before he left! He did get everything done even though he did not like shopping for sundry items that he needed! His Nana Gibson spend $1000 on him at the Missionary Mall getting his suits, pants, shirts, luggage, shoulder bag and other essentials! We were all very grateful for her willingness to do this.

On January 17, 2016 we hosted the traditional “Pies and Ties” event at our home from 6 to 9 p.m. There were a lot of friends there and quite a few members of the ward like the Fuhrimans, Munsons, Lows, and others. Here are some pics:

On January 24, 2016, Justin gave his final talk in the ward. It was a wonderful address full of laughs, insight and heart-felt messages that brought the spirit very strongly. It seemed that the whole congregation listened in rapt silence. It was awesome! We got lots of pics:


On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 we drove to Provo to spend the night at the Gibson guesthouse. The next morning, Wednesday January 27, 2016 we attended the Provo City Center Temple tour. It was a wonderful experience.

We then had to buy a belt and some hangers that Justin forgot to pack. We also had to stop and get a few more garments. We then picked up some burgers at Burger Supreme and took the food back to the guesthouse to eat with Nana and Grandpa. After we ate we took photos and cried and hugged. At 12:40 the Boise Gibsons piled into the car crying to take Justin to the MTC for his 12:45 drop off time.

Elder Gibson was very excited to begin this adventure in his life and this blog will be the way his mom records his mission! We love you Justin!