Week 17: Una Semana Loco, May 23, 2016

A crazy week! We had the Misioneros Viajeros this week living with us, after a District Activity and Reunion (meeting) in Cañuelas and Monte, and all we did was work! I loved it!

They are an Elder Rooks from Draper Utah, who will die (finish his mission) this next transfer, and Elder Almeida, from Asuncion Paraguay, whose 26 years old. Theyre both amazing missionaries and great examples. I have learned so much this last week, im excited to apply it all and become ever more dilligent, a better teacher, and lose myself in the work. Dont have much time today, but im glad to hear from each one of you, I love you all.
I dont think I sent pictures last week so I just took this one to send today. Haha I didnt get one with the viajeros. This next week will be crazy too, and I might be emailing a little late, like Tuesday maybe, who knows, but keep it up, do some service to your loved ones and neighbors this week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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