Week 52!!! (One year down!) 20! January 30, 2017

Well, this Wednesday is my birthday. Ill be 20. But I cant send pictures now so all the things im gunna tell you and the pictures of the birthday will be there next week.

On Wednesday the 25 we had a worldwide misionary conference, and they rearranged the schedule a little bit, our mission hasnt changed yet because we have a couple options, but our Mission President will let us know when he decides, I`ll get into more detail when I know what my missions gunna go with.
Then on Friday, which was a year from when I entered into the MTC (but imma celebrate from the day i landed in argentina), I had intercambios with Elder Shill (he was my ZL in Banfield, so I know him pretty well) and did my first baptismal interview! It was a little kid of 15 years named Thomas who knew everything and was super prepped and was baptized Saturday! That was an amazing experience. That night we had family home evening with the ward mission leader there and his family, and we had a super good time, theyre all hilarious! And his mission president lives near the Provo MTC so he`s gunna see if he knows my Granps!
We`ve been teaching a young family recently that are Christians and theyre called Cristian and Gloria, they`re super awesome, they just need to come to church and get baptized! But theyre married which is pretty much a miracle here! Haha we`re very excited for them.
This next Monday is transfers, so I might write at a weird time, and we dont know whats gunna happen with the Trio, but its pretty safe that I`ll stay here. Let you know though!
Love you all! Enjoy life, its pretty freakin dope! Next week I`ll probably get some good pics goin

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 51: Stevenson; January 23, 2017

Well, today we got up super early, me and the other district leader in the zone, and got ready and went to Banfield at like 6 in the morning. Then us and all the other zone leaders and district leaders of all the Buenose Aires city missions met up in a chappel in the main part of the city. Heres some pics on the way there and back. Super awesome.

Best part though was the fact that one of the Apostles of the Lord came and trained us. Gary E. Stevenson. He talked a lot about obedience and how we could be better teachers by testifying more and how to really trust and utilize the Spirit. It was super awesome. He´s super funny too.
This Wednesday we have a worldwide mission conference, some of the other missionaries have probably mentioned it, we´re all pretty anxious to see what happens.
We´re gettin a lot better as a companionship. We had a really good week, a lot of lessons with members and investigators who came to church. The downfall though is one of our investigators had to work when she was suppposed to have her baptismal interview, so we´re a little worried about her cuz she didint come to church either.
Here´s some pictures of the fistfight and going to Capital today.
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 50: Fistfight, January 16, 2017

Well, cant upload pics today, so, sorry about that. This week was pretty good! We found an old investigator who came to church with us! Hes pretty weird, we couldnt tell if he was drunk or not, but he kinda acted like it, but he didnt smell too bad. Hes called Ramon. Hes pretty old.

Things are going super well in my last area, Banfield 1, my old companion keeps telling me about alot of the people me and him found or taught who are progressing so thats cool! We have some investigators here that are progressing too, and we´re excited for that.
Being District Leader is interesting. People depend on me for things. I dont know things. But its good, I like it. Im scared im gunna have to do a baptismal interview and not understand the person at all though haha.
On Saturday we left with the Elders Quorum in the morning and then did divisions in the afternoon and evening, so that was pretty awesome. We helped a lot to the members and we got a good amount of work done.
Its pretty hot down here in Argentina and I left my sunscreen in my old area on accident but its all good, im pretty used to it.
We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, and the Chileano who came here boxed my companion (whose a boxer) so that was pretty funny haha. Dont you wish i could send pictures?
The mission here is changing a lot. When i got to the mission there was very few baptisms every month. Now we´ve broken the mission´s record twice, above 50 is our average recently, and we´re all pretty excited for it. I´d love to hear from all you at home, but more importantly I just hope you have a good week and read the Book of Mormon! Sometimes thats what makes a good week! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 49: (no subject) January 9, 2017

Well this week was a little rough, but were gettin there. Not a great way to start 2017 but were all pretty jacked to get this year goin. Crazy things are gunna happen. On Saturday we did divisions and I went with this guy who got back from the mission like 7 months ago from southern Mexico mission. His brother went to the Trujillo South mission about a month and a half ago. The mormon world is small. My oldest brother finished serving his mission in Trujillo sur.

The trios goin good. Heres a picture of my companions, the last round of pics was probably a little confusing. The other two elders who are black and brazilian are in our ward though. Ones from San Diego and the other from San Tiago, and their companion from San Boise just happens to be the District Leader, which is going well, just another reminder that i dont know much about what I´m doing or saying.  Nah but I love it, I getta talk with all these missionaries and Zone Leaders and make some decisions and more than anything learn in an accelerated manner.
Today were gunna have a District Activity that can now only be 2 hours long, were gunna buy pizza and play sports haha. I let my district pick where and when and what but the elders still manage to complain to me about it. Yes, even though we´re Elders, sometimes we´re still just teenagers, especially me. I love it though.
I hear Boises pretty white right now. Its hot and wet here. Enjoy the snow and the snow days! I love you all and hope you can do something to come a little closer to Christ this week! If not, what are you doing?

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 48: 2017, January 2, 2017