Week 63: Missionary Mom, April 24, 2017

Well, I left you all last week with hope of a surprise, her name is Nancy! She`s in the pictures, the short Peruvian woman thats in baptismal clothing, yeah her. She got baptized! Not confirmed yet though, so its gunna be a weird week. She was super nervous though but really excited. She hasn`t missed church since I`ve been here in Guernica I think. A member named Agustin baptized her, he`s a somewhat recently returned missionary, and he`s super awesome.

So yeah her son has been in the Posadas, Argentina mission for about 6 months now, and she says he always tells her to get baptized but she didn`t want to till we explained to her that it would be way better to get baptized now then enter the temple with her son. Also my MTC comp and another MTC friend are in that mission.

Also last week we had a District activity, here`s a picture. I think I also threw one in there from when me and my comp went to McDonalds.
OH also we had intercambios (comp exchanges) twice last week and here`s how they went.
Haha so yeah I went with Kautai and we ate a bunch of junk food, and then I went with my zone leader Elder Smout and we had a good time. Found some new investigators with both of em.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 62: Exchanges all day, April 17, 2017

Well, Tuesday we had exchanges. Then Thursday we had exchanges. Then I got sick. Then we had a District Activity. And here we are. Idk if I`ll be able to share pictures but I went with the dark one, Elder Kautai, and then with Elder Smout, my good friend from Monte Grande.

It was awesome! With Smout we decided we needed to have a specific goal for the intercambios, so we decided we had enough faith to ask God for a family to teach and be able to baptize soon, so we did! Then we left the pensh after lunch, it was like 3 o clock, which here in Argentina means naptime, so we knocked on a bunch of doors. But one of the first doors we talked to a super rich woman who didn`t want anything. Then we knocked on a more humble house, and some guy came and talked to us, then he let us in and we had a lesson! It was super cool! They `re awesome! The guy and his wife and their 2 little kids and some other old woman was there! Our prayer got answered! Super good experience! One for the books for sure.
Did a similar thing with Kautai, and we found some guy to teach and it went super well too, I just don`t have enough time to type out 2 stories.
Also for our district activity we played soccer and a bit of basketball and volleyball. I planned it Sunday night so that was good.
Also it was Easter! Hardly noticed. Not a whole lot of traditions down here, just sometimes the parents buy kids super expensive chocolate easter eggs. It was a good Sunday though, and we were able to get a lot done.
Shoutouts to everyone, I love you all, wish I could send pictures, email me or send me cards or money. I should have a big surprise coming next week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 61: Zone Things, April 10, 2017

Week 60: Spinal, April 3, 2017

Howdydo, I´m Elder Gibson, here´s a picture of a box of 40 Alfajores Guaymallen I bought for 100 pesos argentinos.

This week was interesting. My comp hurt his back in a survice project a while ago in the mission, and it got super bad on Thursday, so on Friday we went to the Hospital and now we´re gunna goin back more then once a week in Abril, and this week we also have a zone conference and activity, then interviews the next day haha. Gunna be a short week.
Really excited to keep working with the people we have found recently, but things are gettin complicated with the back and the activities and stuff, so I guess I just gotta put some patience on.
Super awesome conference we just had though. I loved the talk by Sabin(?) and I learned a ton about how I gotta repent, then help others see the benefits and show them how they can repent. They talked alot about how to  lovingly ´drop the cane´ as they say here in Argentina, or tell it to ´em straight. Alot of the talks were cut by the weak internet connection that plagued the stake of Longchamps this weekend, including the white missionaries of the stake who watched it in English in a separate room.
On Saturday between sessions we booked it and got a collectivo and went to lunch and just barely made it back in time. Me, my Peruvian comp, an Argentine, and a Hawaiian whose parents are from Tonga and who lived the vast majority of his life in Texas, ate lunch with a Venezuelean family in the house of a Peruvian family. We had super good food though and they somehow got Inca Cola. Here´s a pictures.
Love you all, have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Week 59: (No “Big” email), March 20, 2017

Elder Gibson didn’t have much time to write this week because it was transfers and he got a new companion. He sent me this short email in response to my news from home:

Hey mom! That St Pattys day party looks super fun! Sorry it took so long to respond, all the remises were backed up this transfers, but i got a peruvian comp! Ill send pics next week, dont have much time right now. Tell Winston to go and play soccer! Wes looks like he´s having a good time, im glad! Dad looks the same. Yeah my grandparents are freakin dope. Those cakes look good too.


Elder Gibson

Week 58: The Grind, March 13, 2017

Well, we have had to drop just about all of our investigators, so me and my comp made a little plan to find more news, cuz we´re kinda desperate over here. But we´re pretty jacked to put this plan into play and find some humble peruvians or bolivians or something.

This week was my moms birthday! WOO! Here´s how we celebrated. I love you mom! You´re still a lot younger than Dad, and you look younger than me and Alex, so I hope you enjoyed your birthday and was able to listen to some of your favorite oldtimey music and hang out with your other friends from that era! Everybody say happy birthday to her cuz she´s better than you!
Also yesterday 3 years ago was when my bro left home to head down to Peru, so that´s nuts. I think he still might be there or want to be there mentally, but its been a quick 3 years and we all know he served a great mission and helped a ton of people out.
Well we found this tiny frog. There was a lot more tiny ones just like it too. The big picture is in a tire track in the mud. He was freaking small. super dope though.
Not much time this week but I hope you all have a good week and enjoy springtime up there in the States! We´re hittin fall here, so it´s starting to cool down. 

Love you!

Week 57: Picnic, March 6, 2017

Well we had a District Activity today. We made milanesa sandwhiches. Well I did. And my comp made chocolate chip cookies. We were gunna do a picnic but most of us didnt want to carry all the stuff to the park, I cooked in the chapel, so we just ate there then played soccer and basketball.

This week wasn´t my best. Last week was super good, the weeks before not so much, and this week even worse haha. Kinda sucks, but we beat on! We just need the people we teach to do the things we ask them to do ya know?
Anyway this weeks my mommas birthday! WOO! Next week I´ll hopefully be able to send pics of today and of what we do to celebrate her birthday! Also happy birthday to my grandpappy Gibson! The big 55! Good work out there Grandpa! Grow another beard!
This week the viajeros will be in the area of my zone leaders who are also in my district, they just won´t leave us alone. We´re excited though, its always super good, especially to have em in District Meeting.
So hopefully next week we´ll have some more news for you guys. Also we got a ton of references or referalls i guess theyre called to missionaries there?¿ But we got a bunch from a less active RM whose old and very large, so hopefully we´ll be able to contact em today.
Love you all, keep up the good work out there!

Love you!

Elder Gibson