Week 19: Happy Birthday Dad! June 15, 2016

This email came on Wednesday instead of Monday. His mom was anxious to get it!! He was just very busy and had to wait.

My Dads Birthday is coming up! sometime this week or the next. Im almost certain that it is not today, and has yet to happen, so im saying it this week so i dont forget next week and so its not late. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! Who wouldve thought you actually taught me something when we lived in the same house for a while! But honestly, thanks for everything. I know you have been preparing me for where i am now for 18 years, and i couldnt be more grateful, even if i was highly ungrateful many times in the past because of my limited teenage brain capacity. Just know your son is slowly being chipped away and replaced with a servant of the Lord. I believe this is what you want, and I know its what I want, in big part, thanks to you. Keep those missionaries up there busy!

Well this weeks been interesting. We had a lot more time in Las Flores, and so we were able to go around and visit people and set lessons and teach. Without much success haha. A lot of our investigators are not progressing much, either cuz of the difficulty in getting married, or because they wont get baptized. One of our investigators who, for awhile, was more active than some of our active members, just told us theyre not going to church anymore. His girlfriend (less active), with whom he lives, is extremely angry at our Branch President. Im not worried though, this guy has a strong testimony, which is something that never goes away, even if you bury it with everything you can, and he, like all of us, is in the time of the Lord.
This Monday we went to the forest and had a Zone Activity. I had not been to a Zone Activity before because it takes all our money haha. But it was fun! Our Zone is notorious for disappointing Zone Activities, but were getting better. On Tuesday we went to the temple!!!!!! WOOO!!! I was so excited. We arrived late of course so we did initatories and sealings, and having worked in the temple i loved seeing the work being the same and still spiritually fulfilling. And of course hearing everything that i once memorized in Spanish was awesome. Afterwards we had lunch and a conference with our mission president, President Thurgood. Him and his wife are amazing people and examples to all of us missionaries. He reminded us that we make covenants in the temple, so that we can leave the temple and obey them. There are so many promised blessings from guarding and practicing temple covenants! In the temple, though our physical eyes are blind, we complete covenants with the Lord for people who may very well be with us in the very act, in every sense. I love it.
Looks like well have some more time in Las Flores until next monday, so i might have a late email again haha, but dont worry, one day we will all rejoice in heaven forever! I love you all! Go to the temple, and if you cant, start preparing! Its the best place on earth!

Love you!

Elder Gibson