Post Mission Events and Pics


Elder Justin Gibson returned from an honorable two year mission to Boise, Idaho on January 9, 2018 around 2 p.m. He had lots of family members at the airport to greet him. It was an emotional, wonderful day to be reunited! He wanted to eat at Chuck-A-Rama right away and have our “mini-Christmas” where he opened his new iPhone 8 and gave us all the gifts he brought from Argentina.


On January 14, 2018 Justin and Ethan both spoke in church. Justin delivered a spirit-filled address on repentance and how he taught it on his mission. Ethan gave a wonderful talk on how he prepared for his mission and that he has learned that the atonement is available for us to use daily. We received many, many compliments on how well they did and what a wonderful meeting it was.

After the meeting we headed out to Ball Manor for a Ball family photo, (since every member of the family was together again after 4 years), and had lunch, which was Jon’s smoked tri-tip, salads and cake. There were 72 people there, the entire Ball family, the Criddles, Nana and Grandpa Gibson, Steve, Kim, Emily and Andy Gibson, Sebastian and Lisa Fraser and Allison and Calvin Fuhriman. It was a truly amazing, wonderful day!

We are so proud of you, Elder Justin Gibson. We are so grateful for the blessings you have brought to our family because of your service and sacrifice. We love you so much!