Week 26: Sick. August 2, 2016

Well, after walking in the rain and the wind, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then waking in more rain and more wing, then sitting in wet clothes for an hour, then after waking in rain and wind yet again, and sitting in wet clothes for an hour, the cold finally got to me. It was pretty bad. From the moment we got back to the pension after the district meeting on tuesday (all the walking and sitting including this and traveling) until thursday night i was pretty dead. i finally started to take ibuprofen and it saved my life,  but a lot of this last week was spent doing nothing. i watched a couple disney movies. luckily my zone leader had bought a few here in las flores but left em here so i was able to watch em when i needed to get my mind off the pain. i think it was mostly just a migraine and my throat was super swollen and a fever. but its all good mom i survived and i didnt even go to the doctors office. they dont actually have one of those here so i wouldve gone to the ´hospital´. But were all good now!

So we were able to get out a little on friday and then normal the rest of the weekend. Our best investigator, Angel, was removed from his house and is not currently in Las Flores. We dont know whats gunna happen, but hes with his little 5 year old son so i think hes gunna be alright. His wife burnt all his clothes though. He didnt come to church sunday haha. He actually called us after I was sick cuz we hadnt seen him in so long. Hows that for an investigator? HE called US to set up an appointment haha.
Yesterday we had a Zone Activity, they bought a ton of pizzas (one each missionary) and then we played minute to win it in teams. I won both times i played but then we had to leave to come back to Las Flores so idk if my team won or not, but it was pretty fun!
A ton of pictures this week. I hope they all come through. Keep enjoying life and the summer, love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
He sent these pics in another email entitled: Museums

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