Week 96: Surprise! December 11, 2017

Well it was a good week down here in Gregory of LaFerrere. We`ve been forming a choir as a mission zone to be able to present it at the zone conference for the mission president and his wife, and this last monday at practice an elder in my old area, Catán 3, told me that one of my old investigadors was getting baptized!

But wait, theres more!
She had asked that I baptize her! Me and my pennsylvannia hillbilly comp Elder Jesson had found and started teaching this one family called Familia PasoGuillén (picture below of the lesson the first night). The now 13 year old daughter Camila has since been reading the Book of Mormon and going to church, even though her mom and older sister are not supportive of her and before, didnt want to get baptized. Thats how they were when I left Catán (the second picture).
I dont know how it happened but they finally decided to let her get baptized this last week! And, on top of that, the day of her baptism, Wednesday the 6th of December, was Camila´s birthday! Thanks to the Lord I just happened to be right next door, in LaFe, and with my mission presidents permission, I was able to go and baptize her! That was also the first time I had performed the baptismal ordinance too! And the first baptism in that side of Catán 3 for almost 2 years!
Well, to say the least, it was a miracle. And I am super grateful to have been able to see it and take part in it. Camila´s a baller and heres a couple pictures of the baptismal service/birthday party.

Love you!

Elder Gibson