Week 95: Last Man Standing, December 4, 2017

Well, I was gunna attach an epic picture of me and my son and the second counselor of the Area Presidency, Elder Bragg, who surprise visited our ward yesterday, but the picture thing aint workin.

Anyway, last man standing is Elder McConkie. All my other mission comps ever are officially in their houses. It´s a wierd feeling knowing im one of the oldest buddies on the mission field.
Anyway yeah Elder Bragg came down to good ol LaFerrere, it was awesome. Him and his wife are legit. They also had a meeting with the Ward Counsel afterwards that apparently went pretty well.
So we´ve been workin with our investigadors, and finding some new ones to teach. A couple weeks ago this guy named Juan (but everyone calls him Toro (Bull)) came to church. None of us missionaries knew him, but apparently he had come awhile back, never got baptized though. Yesterday we finally found him and had a lesson with him, one of the most humbling lessons I´ve ever had. He is in a lot of emotional pain, and is looking for a way out. When most people these days would look into any other means but God to escape pain, Juan dont. So yeah we´re pretty excited for him.
Dont have much time left but I love this work and I love the Lord and I love you all and hope you all come to know the Lord so you can take part in this work! Nothin else makes people truly happy.

Have a good week everyone!

Love you!

Elder Gibson