Week 94: The Big 6, November 27, 2017

My little sons a transfer old in the mission now! Not counting the MTC of course.

Anyway this week was pretty solid. It was Thanksgiving! Me, my comp, and this other newby gringo yankee in the ward made tacos. Classic American Thanksgiving. I think I have pictures. They were pretty good though, and relatively cheap! The other kid had brought some taco seasoning from home.
We also had intercambios this Tuesday with my DL and his son. We switched kids for a day. His name is Elder Beckstead, he´s from Utah but his parents are from Venezuela, we had a good time. My son also had a good time with my Paraguayo DL.
Things are goin good down here! We´re finding a lot of people that seem super ready to recieve the gospel, sometimes it just seems impossible to find em again! But I´m ready to keep working with em and finding more. I was in my last two areas very little time so I kinda forgot how it felt to know my area and know that I still have time to work here.
Also my son met my dad! The classic family pic is of my mexican dad and my californian son. My dad finishes his mission today, along with my last two comps, Elder Jesson and Elder McMillan.
Oh yeah I think I also threw in a picture we took in Gibson street back in Adrogué.

Love you!

Elder Gibson