Week 93: White Walls, November 20, 2017

Well this week was alright. We had a good time, expecially because my excomps came and painted our pensh, but it was also a bad time because they always came super late and we just ended up sittin in the pensh waiting for them, but it wasn`t that bad haha. We just missed some lessons and stuff like that.

Also we had a good Father/Son bonding moment on Tuesday when we went out and it started pouring rain. I usually have a good time working in the rain. I say working but there`s usually not many people who want two soaking north americans in their house, so it ends up just being walking in the rain. Still fun though!
Also on Tuesday we went to Burger King for lunch! Pretty good, super expensive, not really worth it, but whatever we had a good time. My son was pretty glad to eat some American food again, I`m a couple months from being sick of American food.
Also on Saturday we had a Capilla Abierta and Tormenta Blanca in Virrey Del Pino, a ward that has huge boundaries and is between Catan and Cañuelas, so thats pretty cool. It was awesome! I went and worked with my bud Elder Tiechert as my comp went off with the Zone Leader, me and Tiechert got to the mission together and we`re finally in the same district! So that was cool.
I was also able to see some of my old buddies from the Adrogué ward who came down to help with the Capilla Abierta. Cuz the Senior Missionary who does them is from that ward. Also this was his last Capilla Abierta, so it was pretty cool.
Well, I love you all! Keep living it up up there in B-Town!

No pics today cuz its a feriado, so.

Love you!

Elder Gibson