Week 92: First Week Down, November 13, 2017

Well here we are in La Fe, things are goin pretty good, my comps dope, the other missionaries in the apartment building are dope, and La Fe is dope, and the ward is dope.

I dont have pics of the apartment yet, but i like it, its not too big, but its roomy. And the bathrooms newish.
It´s been basically a whitewash cuz my comp has 3 weeks in the mission, so I dont blame him, but I´ve just been trying to find and keep up with some of the investigators they had before. I´m likin the area though.
Some of those investigators are still going strong, so thats good. A nearby ward was recently closed, so the area of it was divided between my ward and a different ward, so now we´ve got some new members in our ward and things are a little hectic, so we´re gunna be working with the ward leaders and helping them, so thats gunna be good. I´m pretty glad I got here, I mean obviously I´m glad to finally fulfill my dream of training, but also to help the ward, and show some people Christ´s true church.
Haven´t sent pics in awhile so heres to make up for it.
Halloween and stuff, some of the other elders in the pensh, the pensh, and yeah.
And here´s me and my son! Elder McConkie!

Love you!

Elder Gibson