Week 91: Gregorio de La Ferrere

Well, this week we did actually paint a couple of places, one of which being the apartment in Las Flores¡ my first area¡ i hope i can get some pics up here, we´ll see. But we were also able to do a decent amount of proselyting with the little time we had so that was good¡

Also sorry for the ¡ ,this computer cant quite produce a normal exclamation point, but thats life.
So on Saturday I got a call from the assistant. They called a new assistant this week because one of the current ones goes home soon, so some elder had to take his place as Zone LEader, then some other Elder had to take his place, and they called good ol Gibby to take the 3rd elders place as trainer¡
I´m now with Elder McConkie from Orange County¡ I got here a couple hours ago but I can already tell he´s a baller. We´re gunna have a good time, and I´m gunna be able to work hard here to finish my mission instead of helping out with the offices. I´m not complaining about having been there half in the offices, but I am super excited to be here. My ward is called La Ferrere. I had been here once before because its close to my old area, Catán 3.
So thats the biggest news for now, I´m super excited, and even more grateful. God lives, he loves us, and nothing is a surprise to him¡ He prepares us for the future, we just gotta be humble enough to realize, accept, and make happen all the stuff he wants us to do. This Church is true, I love you all, and I let you know more about this place next week.
No pictures yet again, sorry peeps, this computers a little slow and i also forgot my adaptor thing in Adrogué, so next week for sure hopefully.

Love you!

Elder Gibson