Week 87: Adrogue, October 9, 2017

Transfers! Who woulda thought. Because of the large number of missionaries coming in they did transfers a week early this time. Me and my comp, Elder McMillan, are still comps but they moved us to a place called Adrogué, where the offices of the mission are located, we arent office elders though, but we do live with them. We are also in a trio with my excomp Elder Jesson!
Super weird. We´re not really sure what happened but me and my comp are kinda bummed cuz we had a Venezuelan family who was gunna get baptized this Saturday, but we had to say our goodbyes unexpectedly.
So my new pension is massive! I think we´re gunna be like 8 living there or something, not sure. Next week I´ll know more about my area and why its like this and all that. We had gotten calls on Saturday telling us we were gunna do the same thing but in a different area, and then today the remis (taxi) came super early (they weren´t able to call and let us know at what time they were coming) and took us here instead haha.
Anyway this last week we were able to hear from Elder Kosneslousky or something. It was super awesome! Him and his wife and the assistants and President and his wife all spoke, it was pretty cool, we had a good time. Also because we had to travel so far to get there we stayed in my old pension in Banfield 1 the night before! It was super weird to be in one of my old areas.
Well both my comps finish their missions at the end of these next 7 weeks, so we´ll see how this goes. Have a good week everyone, no pictures today!

Love you!

Elder Gibson