Week 86: Gen Conf, October 2, 2017

Yep, I´m that guy that abbreviates general conference. Anyway, this last conference was amazing! And on Sunday a Venezuelan family that we´re working with was able to come to the first session. Unfortunately, having 4 little girls between them and their member relatives who they live with, they couldnt stay for all the sessions. They enjoyed it though! I learned a lot as well and I am extrememly excited to put it all to practice.

Things are goin good down here in Villa Madero. We´re workin with a few people and looking for more, but we´re mostly excited about this Venezuelan family. They read the Book of Mormon with their members relatives and they came to conference and theyre married, super rare down here, and things are lookin good. We just gotta teach em a little more and help em get that personal testimony goin.
Anyway, I invite you all to pick some of your favorite talks from Gen Conf and apply em to your life, even if it means getting rid of some habits that you might not want to at first! The Gospel is true, I know it, most of you know it, and if you dont, its the most valuable thing you can know.
Sorry, no pics today, memory adapter thing i bought in the MTC seems to have stopped working finally.
Have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson