Week 84: Venezuela, September 18, 2017

Well theres this family in our ward that moved here from venezuela a while back, the dad came alone at first until his wife and kids and his cousins husband and kid could all move up here, and we went and taught em yesterday! the dad and wife are members, there relatives arent, so we´re gunna teach em and see how it goes. Our mission probably baptizes more foreigners then Argentines, so its always good to have foreigners in your area.

Speaking of which we have a part of our area where its pretty much all Bolivians, which is cool cuz i only had 1 Bolivian comp and never really got to know much about Bolivian culture/food, like I was able to do about Perú and Paraguay.
We had a Zone Conference on Wednesday, which went super well, always love those things.
STuffs goin good here, me and my comp are gettin used to the area and gettin to know a lot of members. We´ve got some people we´re working with, so we´re gunna be able to see if they progress. Still love this place. No pictures today though, stuff aint workin. there was a stray dog walkin around in here though so hopefully next week ill be able to send pictures of him. Have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson