Week 82: Whiteout. September 4, 2017

Well down here in the Mission Field theres a thing called whiteout, where the missionaries in an area are both transferred out, and 2 missionaries arrive there not nowing a thing about the members or the area.

Me and my old pal Elder McMillan are about to experience what a whiteout is really like up here in Villa Madero. Its awesome because Elder McMillan is one of my good friends from the beginning of my mission, and also because Villa Madero is the northernmost area of our mission. So I have officially shared borders with the Bahía Blanca, BsAs West, BsAs East, and BsAs North missions. All of em. Isnt that nifty? I kinda always was one to just drift around the outside anyway. Also we are a highway away from the capital of Buenos Aires, and by that i mean the whole area that is none as capital, nowhere near the obelisko and all that jenk. at least i dont think. not 100% sure. Anyway, I just got here today.
My last week in Catan was pretty good! We had a Family Home Evening with the Paso Guillén family and the Monaca Family, which went really well! We talked a little bit about temples and Family History. Great time. The next day only Camila and Alberto made it to church, but we were super greatful for that anyway, cuz it was kinda a rainy morning, and not a lot of members made it actually haha. We also were invited to a huge asado and we all ate so much that we could barely eat the dinner that some other members invited us to that night.
Here´s Camila and Alberto and then Yamila and Cristian, the children of a different family who always gave us lunch and who are awesome, and then the Monaca Family, then when I was headed out of Catán. Elder Hall, the chunky one, goes home tonight, so it was a pretty interesting weekend. He goes home honorably by the way, just so thats clear.

Love you!

Elder Gibson