Week 79: BsAs Capital, August 14, 2017

Well my comp, awhile back in his mission, had some sort of skin problem, so he had a..i dont know what itd be called..he had a specific date that he needed to go back to the hospital, but the hospital they have us go to here in the mish is located super far from where we live, so we went to this huge place called Plaza Constitución, which is a giant dope train station, then we went to Temperley, where the hospital is, and then to Lomas, both right next to my old area Banfield 1. It was pretty cool! We took advantage and went to lunch in Burger King there. It took the whole day though, cuz we live super far away.

Other then that this went wasnt the most successful I´ve had, but I have a feeling this next week is gunna be super good. Also we had a district activity today where we played soccer and I mixed a couple different types of soda that ive been experimenting with recently to get the closest thing to Mountain Dew possible, so that was enjoyable. Then we went and had choripan. So it was super fun. Not sure I have any pictures this week, but I also dont even have much time, so I`mma leave it at that! Love you all! Have a good week! Winston Van Gibson is number 1!

Love you!

Elder Gibson