Week 78: Late to the Zone Conference, August 7, 2017

Well, this week went by super quick and it was a pretty solid week, even though on thursday we had a zone conference and activity and me and my comp got there about an hour and a half late and he kinda hurt his leg in the activity. So its been interesting since then, but we got there late cuz we barely missed the train, then my comp knew how to get there in bus, but we wouldve had to take like 3 buses, we went anyway, then realized, after taking the first bus, that it probably wasnt gunna work that well, so we went to the nearest train station to where we had gotten off, and the train took awhile to get there. But we were finally on our way. We get there, and we had to switch trains and take a super old dope one, that took forever to get there of course, then we werent sure where to get off, so we ended up gettin off 1 station early and walking the rest of the way to the stake center of a different stake. So that was a blast. but we made it finally, had the meeting, went super well, then we played soccer with a bunch of other missionaries.

Oh yeah! I also did the first intercambios ever of a new elder in our district! His name is Elder Gonzalez and hes my DLs comp and hes from San Juan, Argentina! Hes super dope. we had a good time. heres a pic!
Well! Gotta go, my family had an awesome family reunion this last week, i saw some pictures, and im glad everyone was safe! Love you guys!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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