Week 72: Ohio, June 26, 2017

Pretty hard week. We worked super hard but we didn`t have a single lesson. I came here thinking this place was easy to get baptisms and stuff cuz its super humble but I guess its not as simple as I thought haha.

So this week we had a Zone Conference and that was extrememly enjoyable as always.
Also we were talking to someone and then this guy asked us ´´Are you guys missionaries?´´ in perfect English. We weren´t quite sure how to respond but we started talking to him. His name is Hider. Hes from Ohio. He´s here doing some program for the UN helping kids out and stuff. Hes pretty cool and he knows the missionarys and mormons cuz he had a bunch of mormon friends. So yeah all the sudden we found a white person that actually speaks english and isnt mormon. Never thought that would happen. Super far away from the city too. But we dont have a picture with him unfortunately.
Not sure I told the story but a couple weeks ago we helped a guy push his mud out of the truck, and here`s how he left us. I got it worse then my comp, and you cant quite see all the mud, but theres more then it seems. It was a fun day.
Woulda had a couple more detailed stories in here but I mostly spent my time here talking to my little brother Ethan for his birthday which happened this last Saturday. Happy Birthday Ethan! No one ever thought you`d make it this far. Here`s some pictures of stuff we do now that we`re 4 white Elders living in almost the same place.

Love you!

Elder Gibson