Week 71: Round 2 Week 1, June 19, 2017

Another week here in Catan. Pretty solid week though. We find some new investigators, 2 of which we are extremely excited about. Also, we found a young man who seems super interested but he lives in a different area so we passed him over, pretty sweet though.

Also it was Fathers Day yesterday I think. And if I`m not mistaken it was my dads birthday as well. So luckily for me I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Also, I`m not 100 percent sure on either, but im only on here once a week, so I feel like if i wish him a happy birthday now i can`t be that far off from when it actually is. So Happy Birthday and Happy Fathers day Dad! I love you a ton! I know we always act like were not very involved in the life of one another, we both know you often have to fight back the tears when you think of me. But seriously though, I love you and I`m glad for you example. I know you have been very faithful to the Gospel during your life, and the blessings are obvious, and I can`t thank you enough. Keep being the Number One Scoot! Heres what we did.
Now I`m not sure what part of this picture it was, but im pretty sure something from this selection that I ate was expired or something, cuz I was extremely sick Sunday Morning, we went to church and lunch, and then we did divisiones and me and my zone leader whose been sick for a couple weeks now just rested yesterday, so it was fun to spend the day with a trucker from Arizona, but we had a good time and we both feel a lot better now. So dont worry about me, mom!
Love you all! Have a good week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson