Week 68: Animo, May 29, 2017

That word means excitement. Kindof. Anyway, the ward called 12 ward missionaries, so we`re gunna start being able to work a lot more with them. Seems like the members are pretty jacked to see some baptisms in their ward, and everybody´s ready to work hard to get em, so thats something dope thats going down recently out here in Catán 3.

Actually the Area said that we as Elders can´t proselite with Sisters anymore, and most of the new ward missionaries are sisters, so we`re gunna see how this works out.
But anyway, I finally got some pictures we took at a couple service projects we did for this one family of Bolivians. It`s hard work, and it`s an interesting way to build a house (pure concrete and bricks), so I had a good time working hard and laughing a little bit. Also here are the Elders who live next to us, they are our Zone Leaders too, Elder Jeppson from Price, Utah, and Elder González de Vina del Mar, Chile.
Tomorrow we have interviews with the Mission President, and today a district activity, so hopefully I`ll have some more pictures next week, but I love you all and wish you a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson