Week 67: Paraguayos, May 22, 2017

Well this week we did intercambios (comp exchanges) and me and a short Chilean named González went to this area outside of our area where a ton of people from Paraguay come and build their houses. It`s a lot more humble, so we`re gunna start working there way more. We found a big family to teach and talked to a bunch of other people that seem prepped. Also it`s not mapped out very well in the pensh, so I`ve been trying to get ubicated (thats spanglish, idk how to explain it, just use context clues) by writing down and drawing every street we find up there (it`s at the end of our area) so we`re gunna be able to leave that behind for the next Elders, other than the large amounts of Paraguayos that will be gettin baptized as we keep heading up there.

Other than that it was a somewhat unsuccessful week, but we`re still doin good and gettin alot better at applying faith to the work, and then work, and letting the Lord give us the blessing of people to teach, or not! All up to him.
Also I`ve been studying the Book of Mormon like no other this week, and it just gets better and better. I literally spent like an hour marking and re-reading 1 Nefi 17. Just so many dope things that happen/are quoted in that chapter, then Nefi lays it on his bros like no other.

So I forgot my camera memory card thing, no pics this week! But hopefully we`ll get some goin next week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson