Week 66: Mothers Day Round 2, May 15, 2017

I wanted to include in here a little shoutout to all my moms that I couldnt see in the computer on Sunday. But even though I did the my Mom on Sunday, you`re included in this too. I love you guys! I wouldn`t be here if it weren`t for your constant support over the years, and for some of you, over my whole life! I want a lot of my moms that read this to know that you are included too, even if you dont think you had a lot of influence on me. The point is, every tiny act and good example helps! We`re in a constant battle to get better, and pretty much all the moms in the world make up for all the damage us men do, so we owe a lot to you guys! Thank you! Love you all.

This week we had a Zone Conference, and the mission is becoming a lot more obedient now and we are having a lot more baptisms. So yeah things are going super well. We`re still lookin for some new people to teach, but we have a couple we`re working with, so we`ll see how all this goes.
Other than that, it was Mothers Day. So here`s a picture of an unplanned Family Home Evening we had last night when our lessons fell through. Yesterday there was a game between Argentinas two biggest soccer teams so it was kinda hard to get people to want to listen to us, but it turned out alright.

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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