Week 65: First Week Down, May 8, 2017

Well I`m loving my new area. Lots of food, lots of work, and super dope members. Imma have a good time here. Also all the food here is cheaper then any of my other areas on the mission.

So we live outisde our area but behind a family who always gives us food. We live in apartments behind their house, where the Zone Leaders also lives, so we always hangout with them at night and sometimes at lunch, which is super fun. But yeah I`m gettin used to my area, so we`ve got some people to teach and we`re ready to really get em goin.
This week we had to leave Thursday night and we took a collectivo all the way to Capital. Thats the central part of BA. We passed the temple! It was super awesome. Anyway then we went to the offices to sleep and the next morning we went to a leadership training meeting and those are always good to learn from the President and the Assistants. Also to see old friends and comps from the mish. It was pretty good.
So here`s some pìctures from before I left Guernica and when I was leaving. Mostly just members. The old guy with one eye is Loco Luis, he always left with us to accompany us. The guy that can`t stand up straight is Pedro and his family, I never did figure out if he was born like that or something happened to him. Theyre super dope though we had lunches and dinners with em a lot. On one of the pictures there`s a dark skinned brazilian that you wont recognize he replaced me in Guernica and he`s cool and hard working so I`m not worried about that place going back downhill anymore haha.
Well, Mother`s Day is coming up so we`re gunna see what we can do this week to celebrate other then Skype on Sunday! Have a good week! Especially you Mom and Winston! I saw all the videos mom took of you in your program, you did awesome dude! Keep being a musical genius!

Love you!

Elder Gibson