Week 64: 5 Week Transfers, May 1, 2017

HA! Gotchya. Transfers are still 6 weeks. But anyway, this week was crazy.

Also I got transfered out of Guernica. They put me in a place called Catan. In the Catan 3 Ward. Its gunna be a hoot. I can tell this is gunna be a great place of learning and teaching. Oh also they kept me as District Leader, also my new comp is Elder Jesson from Pennsylvania. I don`t know how to spell that. He`s super cool! He was actually in my district when I was in Las Flores! So we`re kinda jacked to be comps, and we`re gunna work super hard here. He knows the area pretty well, so here goes nothing!
Anyway, on Saturday the ward had an activity where a bunch of members came and we went out and visited some people, then had lunch, then cleaned the chapel. I mean the church. It was super awesome! We got to visit a lot of people as a ward. And then, on Sunday, the chapel was full! Literally over a hundred people came! Thats like 20 more than normal, it was amazing! We had a couple investigators, and so did the other Elders, and a butt ton of less actives came. It was awesome. So yeah they were all there for the confirmation of Nancy, which was super awesome, love those things.
So on Tuesday, Elder Teixeira finished his mission (honorably), which we all knew was coming, so me and Elder Kautai went to Alejandro Korn with him until Thursday. Then that night me and him stayed in his pensh. So I hardly slept in my own bed this week, but thats alright. Also I hardly spent any time with my comp, so that was weird. Also Elder Kautai came with me to Catan, he`s in the first ward, and in my district, so we`re just keepin the squad goin I guess.
Well, all in all, I`m pretty tired. But I aint here to rest, so we`re gunna see how this week goes in a new area with a new District, and it`s gunna be a good time. I love you all and I`ll see you next week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson