Week 62: Exchanges all day, April 17, 2017

Well, Tuesday we had exchanges. Then Thursday we had exchanges. Then I got sick. Then we had a District Activity. And here we are. Idk if I`ll be able to share pictures but I went with the dark one, Elder Kautai, and then with Elder Smout, my good friend from Monte Grande.

It was awesome! With Smout we decided we needed to have a specific goal for the intercambios, so we decided we had enough faith to ask God for a family to teach and be able to baptize soon, so we did! Then we left the pensh after lunch, it was like 3 o clock, which here in Argentina means naptime, so we knocked on a bunch of doors. But one of the first doors we talked to a super rich woman who didn`t want anything. Then we knocked on a more humble house, and some guy came and talked to us, then he let us in and we had a lesson! It was super cool! They `re awesome! The guy and his wife and their 2 little kids and some other old woman was there! Our prayer got answered! Super good experience! One for the books for sure.
Did a similar thing with Kautai, and we found some guy to teach and it went super well too, I just don`t have enough time to type out 2 stories.
Also for our district activity we played soccer and a bit of basketball and volleyball. I planned it Sunday night so that was good.
Also it was Easter! Hardly noticed. Not a whole lot of traditions down here, just sometimes the parents buy kids super expensive chocolate easter eggs. It was a good Sunday though, and we were able to get a lot done.
Shoutouts to everyone, I love you all, wish I could send pictures, email me or send me cards or money. I should have a big surprise coming next week.

Love you!

Elder Gibson