Week 60: Spinal, April 3, 2017

Howdydo, I´m Elder Gibson, here´s a picture of a box of 40 Alfajores Guaymallen I bought for 100 pesos argentinos.

This week was interesting. My comp hurt his back in a survice project a while ago in the mission, and it got super bad on Thursday, so on Friday we went to the Hospital and now we´re gunna goin back more then once a week in Abril, and this week we also have a zone conference and activity, then interviews the next day haha. Gunna be a short week.
Really excited to keep working with the people we have found recently, but things are gettin complicated with the back and the activities and stuff, so I guess I just gotta put some patience on.
Super awesome conference we just had though. I loved the talk by Sabin(?) and I learned a ton about how I gotta repent, then help others see the benefits and show them how they can repent. They talked alot about how to  lovingly ´drop the cane´ as they say here in Argentina, or tell it to ´em straight. Alot of the talks were cut by the weak internet connection that plagued the stake of Longchamps this weekend, including the white missionaries of the stake who watched it in English in a separate room.
On Saturday between sessions we booked it and got a collectivo and went to lunch and just barely made it back in time. Me, my Peruvian comp, an Argentine, and a Hawaiian whose parents are from Tonga and who lived the vast majority of his life in Texas, ate lunch with a Venezuelean family in the house of a Peruvian family. We had super good food though and they somehow got Inca Cola. Here´s a pictures.
Love you all, have a good week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson