Week 58: The Grind, March 13, 2017

Well, we have had to drop just about all of our investigators, so me and my comp made a little plan to find more news, cuz we´re kinda desperate over here. But we´re pretty jacked to put this plan into play and find some humble peruvians or bolivians or something.

This week was my moms birthday! WOO! Here´s how we celebrated. I love you mom! You´re still a lot younger than Dad, and you look younger than me and Alex, so I hope you enjoyed your birthday and was able to listen to some of your favorite oldtimey music and hang out with your other friends from that era! Everybody say happy birthday to her cuz she´s better than you!
Also yesterday 3 years ago was when my bro left home to head down to Peru, so that´s nuts. I think he still might be there or want to be there mentally, but its been a quick 3 years and we all know he served a great mission and helped a ton of people out.
Well we found this tiny frog. There was a lot more tiny ones just like it too. The big picture is in a tire track in the mud. He was freaking small. super dope though.
Not much time this week but I hope you all have a good week and enjoy springtime up there in the States! We´re hittin fall here, so it´s starting to cool down. 

Love you!