Week 57: Picnic, March 6, 2017

Well we had a District Activity today. We made milanesa sandwhiches. Well I did. And my comp made chocolate chip cookies. We were gunna do a picnic but most of us didnt want to carry all the stuff to the park, I cooked in the chapel, so we just ate there then played soccer and basketball.

This week wasn´t my best. Last week was super good, the weeks before not so much, and this week even worse haha. Kinda sucks, but we beat on! We just need the people we teach to do the things we ask them to do ya know?
Anyway this weeks my mommas birthday! WOO! Next week I´ll hopefully be able to send pics of today and of what we do to celebrate her birthday! Also happy birthday to my grandpappy Gibson! The big 55! Good work out there Grandpa! Grow another beard!
This week the viajeros will be in the area of my zone leaders who are also in my district, they just won´t leave us alone. We´re excited though, its always super good, especially to have em in District Meeting.
So hopefully next week we´ll have some more news for you guys. Also we got a ton of references or referalls i guess theyre called to missionaries there?¿ But we got a bunch from a less active RM whose old and very large, so hopefully we´ll be able to contact em today.
Love you all, keep up the good work out there!

Love you!

Elder Gibson