Week 56: Grilled Cheese, February 27, 2017

Well this last week we had interviews with the president, went super well. He`s a champ, love that guy. He`s Chilean and his name is Calquín.

And we finally found some new people to teach! A good amount this week too. So we`re pretty excited for that haha. None of em came to church, just some other investigator who doesnt really progress but she comes to church always haha.
And the other Elders in our ward had the viajeros and it went super well! So now 2 more viajeros are coming, thats how our Mission President does it, and the other 2 that are coming are super good too so we`re excited.
We did Exchanges on Tuesday and my companion and the Zone Leader went to Cristian and Gloria and said it didnt go to well and Cristian got a little offended. Haven´t had a lesson with em since but we`re still gunna work with em.
We had a district activity last week, we had poker, chess, ping pong, soccer, and basketball. It was pretty fun. The viajeros came too haha so it was good. One of the sisters just took pictures but she cant send us them so i dont know if ill ever get em haha.
Oh yeah and I made grilled cheese. Super good. Made some dope tomato soup too.
Well I love you all and I hope you are enjoying life! Its the best! If you aren´t really a religious person, you gotta try it, it`s way better. If you are, talk to it about people! Is your religion not a huge part of your life? Like my crazy Priest Quorum teach Joe always asked us, if we were accused of not being mormon, would our friends be able to prove that we were? Do they even know that we are? Or what it means? Anyway, I hope you all have a good week and a missionary opportunity, cuz being a missionary is the best! Even if you live at home and have a job and a normal life!

Love you!

Elder GibsonIMG_0522