Week 55: Zone Conference Androgue, February 20, 2017

Well on Wednesday we went to a Zone Conference in Adrogué with the missoinaries from our stake, Longchamps, and just the Adrogué stake. Got to see some old friends, and we learned alot about the new turns the missions taking. We´re focusing everything on Chapters 5, 6, and 11 of Preach My Gospel now, even good ol District Meetings, so now I just gotta find a bunch of new ways to teach all that.

Not sure you remember or not but in my training we had the Viajeros with us for a week. They just came to the difficult areas or missionaries and helped work for a week. Well now theres 10 of them in our mission, 2 are Sisters, and the rest take turns so that all the areas that have em, have em for 2 weeks with 4 different elders. Its kinda crazy but its awesome. They´re coming to the other side of our ward, Guernica. We´re pretty excited for the Elders there to learn and be able to work twice as hard for the next two weeks. They´re not as excited.
We´re still teaching Cristian and Gloria. They want to be baptized in our church but they dont really want to stop going to their church, so we´re not sure how to react to that. We´re gunna keep trying with em though.
Today we´re gunna have a District Activity and they just finished a super nice basketball court in the chapel of Alejandro Korn, so we´re gunna go do that. I´ll probably make grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch and tomato soup.
We´ve had to drop even more investigators and so we´re pretty desperate to find new ones, so this week we´ll see how it goes.
Congrats to my little brother Ethan for winning the Bowling Tournament this week with our cousin Jack. Be sure to hire NewTown Kings for all your louder needs.
No pictures this week! Probably will have some next week.
Have a good week everyone! Hold your family close and do what God wants you to do so that you can be happy! Thats how it works!

Love you!

Elder Gibson