Week 52!!! (One year down!) 20! January 30, 2017

Well, this Wednesday is my birthday. Ill be 20. But I cant send pictures now so all the things im gunna tell you and the pictures of the birthday will be there next week.

On Wednesday the 25 we had a worldwide misionary conference, and they rearranged the schedule a little bit, our mission hasnt changed yet because we have a couple options, but our Mission President will let us know when he decides, I`ll get into more detail when I know what my missions gunna go with.
Then on Friday, which was a year from when I entered into the MTC (but imma celebrate from the day i landed in argentina), I had intercambios with Elder Shill (he was my ZL in Banfield, so I know him pretty well) and did my first baptismal interview! It was a little kid of 15 years named Thomas who knew everything and was super prepped and was baptized Saturday! That was an amazing experience. That night we had family home evening with the ward mission leader there and his family, and we had a super good time, theyre all hilarious! And his mission president lives near the Provo MTC so he`s gunna see if he knows my Granps!
We`ve been teaching a young family recently that are Christians and theyre called Cristian and Gloria, they`re super awesome, they just need to come to church and get baptized! But theyre married which is pretty much a miracle here! Haha we`re very excited for them.
This next Monday is transfers, so I might write at a weird time, and we dont know whats gunna happen with the Trio, but its pretty safe that I`ll stay here. Let you know though!
Love you all! Enjoy life, its pretty freakin dope! Next week I`ll probably get some good pics goin

Love you!

Elder Gibson