Week 51: Stevenson; January 23, 2017

Well, today we got up super early, me and the other district leader in the zone, and got ready and went to Banfield at like 6 in the morning. Then us and all the other zone leaders and district leaders of all the Buenose Aires city missions met up in a chappel in the main part of the city. Heres some pics on the way there and back. Super awesome.

Best part though was the fact that one of the Apostles of the Lord came and trained us. Gary E. Stevenson. He talked a lot about obedience and how we could be better teachers by testifying more and how to really trust and utilize the Spirit. It was super awesome. He´s super funny too.
This Wednesday we have a worldwide mission conference, some of the other missionaries have probably mentioned it, we´re all pretty anxious to see what happens.
We´re gettin a lot better as a companionship. We had a really good week, a lot of lessons with members and investigators who came to church. The downfall though is one of our investigators had to work when she was suppposed to have her baptismal interview, so we´re a little worried about her cuz she didint come to church either.
Here´s some pictures of the fistfight and going to Capital today.
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson