Week 50: Fistfight, January 16, 2017

Well, cant upload pics today, so, sorry about that. This week was pretty good! We found an old investigator who came to church with us! Hes pretty weird, we couldnt tell if he was drunk or not, but he kinda acted like it, but he didnt smell too bad. Hes called Ramon. Hes pretty old.

Things are going super well in my last area, Banfield 1, my old companion keeps telling me about alot of the people me and him found or taught who are progressing so thats cool! We have some investigators here that are progressing too, and we´re excited for that.
Being District Leader is interesting. People depend on me for things. I dont know things. But its good, I like it. Im scared im gunna have to do a baptismal interview and not understand the person at all though haha.
On Saturday we left with the Elders Quorum in the morning and then did divisions in the afternoon and evening, so that was pretty awesome. We helped a lot to the members and we got a good amount of work done.
Its pretty hot down here in Argentina and I left my sunscreen in my old area on accident but its all good, im pretty used to it.
We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, and the Chileano who came here boxed my companion (whose a boxer) so that was pretty funny haha. Dont you wish i could send pictures?
The mission here is changing a lot. When i got to the mission there was very few baptisms every month. Now we´ve broken the mission´s record twice, above 50 is our average recently, and we´re all pretty excited for it. I´d love to hear from all you at home, but more importantly I just hope you have a good week and read the Book of Mormon! Sometimes thats what makes a good week! Love you all!

Love you!

Elder Gibson