Week 47: Christmas! December 26, 2016

We were able to Skype with Elder Gibson on Christmas day at 1:00 p.m. our time. It was so awesome to see his beautiful face and hear his voice! We had a lot of fun during the hour. He and Alex spoke some spanish together and had a few laughs that we weren’t privy to. Wes was home for Christmas, so all my boys were “together” for a short time. It was the best present a mom could ever ask for. Here is a picture of all my boys during our “call”. His big news was that he’s being transferred and called as a District Leader! He’s also going to be in a trio for awhile. He’s a bit nervous but very excited about these changes and we know he’ll do an amazing job because he’s so obedient and such a wonderful disciple of Christ.

Merry Christmas!