Week 45: Marcelo, December 12, 2016

Well aside from all the less importants shananigans i pull all week long, most important things first!

Marcelo is this guy who has a hard time reading and talking and walking. When the missionaries found him like 2 or 3 years ago, he had to use a walker and you pretty much couldnt understand him. He used to drink a lot and smoke a lot.
He always wanted to get baptized but its hard for him to come to church and for awhile he went to a different one, and he doesnt understand a lot of things very easily. This may be becauze im white and he doesnt speak English, despite my efforts.
So he was gunna get baptized this Saturday, then he drank a little and smoked a couple cigarettes. But then the Zone Leaders came and we talked to President and to Marcelo and his wife and we decided it was all good.
So he got baptized on Saturday! My first baptism in 7 and a half months! It was super amazing! He was so ready! He got confirmed yesterday by my companion and now hes excited to share some pass along cards and visit some of his less active friends who are members! Hes super awesome and we always have a good time together, his wife told me he thought i had left for Germany (he thinks im german) when another elder came, and she told me hes gunna miss me, and im gunna miss him too, but i remember the first time I met him, and im grateful to have been able to see this process in his life.
Another thing that is equally as miraculous is that theres an Hermano here that doesnt live here but his girlfriend is in the ward. Well he actually served here in this ward as a missionary like 3 years ago. He showed up on Saturday, even though his girlfriend and her family werent even here, and I had met him before so I recognized him and remembered something, he was the one who found Marcelo! He and his companion were the first to teach him, and he somehow ended up traveling from Brazil and showing up at the church and there was one of his old investigators! So that was insane.
Here he is with the Brother that baptized him, the exmissionary, and his friend. Shes not his wife, his wife couldnt come.
Also theres pictures of a family that the Sisters baptized this Saturday, and they gave me the honor of confirming the young man named Sebastian! That was insane! I never wouldve imagined how little Justin from Boise who misses his beard could be the one to confer the Gift of the Holy Ghost to an awesome future missionary! I couldnt be more grateful for everthing the Lord gives us, even though we dont even belong in the same sentence as the word perfect. I love you all and thank you for all the emails and letters and support you give to me and my family, and hope that you too can have a miraculous Christmas Season!
Heres my Zone Leader from Panama, and some stuff we ate to celebrate the baptism.

Love you!

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