Week 41: Same, November 14, 2016

Transfers came! Im just gunna chill here in the middle of the suburbs with my buddy Elder Colmán from Paraguay for about 6 more weeks. Ill probably leave after that thought cuz the President doesnt want missionaries being in an area for too long and someone else needs to come in before my comp dies. he dies in february.

So this week we had a baptism on Sunday! It was this woman whose daughter is on a mission. The sisters have been teaching her for a long time and she suddenly decided to get baptized, so we did it! It was super spiritual, and a lot of people came cuz we did it on Sunday so that the mormons would stay instead of not coming on Saturday. So also the Elders in Lanus had a baptism so we had to do both the interviews. We´ve been traveling for a bit this week. Nothing like Las Flores though, we still had some time to find some new people to teach. Also we had exchanges on Tuesday and i have a couple pictues but I probably will have to wait until next week.
Well, not a lot this week but the Hermana Shepard is still gunna be here with a greenie shell train, and our Zone Leaders are changing! I love you all and I love the mission and I love the Lord and he loves us too! ¡Godspeed!

Love you!

Elder Gibson