Week 39: Halloween, October 31, 2016

Heres chorizo for ya. looks wierd. super good though. i think we bought a different type. its tough not speaking the more-then-national language. want a little preview of how tough it is just watch the video attached. if you can. idk if technology works that well. my companion has his camera out a lot.
dont worry though i wasnt actually mad or anything, we were just goofing around on Pday. Also attached is a nice little behind the scenes view on our morning routine. Happy Halloween!
Anyway, todays halloween! were gunna eat some ´fast food´ and then make some stuff for the district meeting tomorrow. gunna be good. American candy beats all other types. Dont have any of that though.
We got an investigator to church this Sunday! He actually got up and made a less active friend come with him. And a couple in our ward recently baptized their daughter and got sealed in the temple with the family, and they spoke when the investigator came. It was super spiritual and super awesome. The Lord has a marvelous work and a wonder prepared, and Im glad i will be able to see even the smallest part of it.
We havent had as much success recently but we have a lot of people to teach and a few of em are progressing really well, and we are excited and happy to say the least!
On Tuesday we had splits with the Zone Leaders, I went with Elder Shill again, he was super sick, so we stayed in his pension almost the whole time. He went to the hospital the next day. Hes fine though, was just a little rough for like a week.

Love you all!

Elder Gibson